Statement of Purpose : Challenges of International Justice

Posted: August 29th, 2013




Statement of Purpose

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I Major in Political Science and Pre-law. In addition, I am trying to put my focus on international security. I was drawn into human rights after completing my International Human Rights course, with the main reason for my interests in this field being my empathy towards those who have had their basic rights violated. The course focuses on the materialization and growth of an international movement that is entirely dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, it enlightened me on the goals and purpose of the movement as well as its role in the political context globally. Hence, National and international legal institutions that gave the movement character and influenced its evolution were also part of the study, which helped me to learn as to how international organizations operate. I also read many publications including the Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence of the United States, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, UDHR, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, ICCPR, US Anti Torture Act, and many others which helped to add to my knowledge about international organizations. We also studied and talked about a number of human rights violations in the United States and Europe and made me conversant with the violations in the world against human rights. Such violations helped me understand that the developed world is also a victim of human rights violations, thus, all should be treated equally. Moreover, I also wrote a research paper about Human rights violations in Kenya that occurred during the post election violence and how the people were assaulted by gangs and the police. My specific study interest is in the rights of women and children, because they seem to be helpless in achieving justice and their basic human rights hence, it would be important to give them a voice in defense of their rights.

My main interest in the program is because of the additional invaluable knowledge the program would provide. I would get more knowledge with regard to the international justice systems and get the chance to view spectacular scenery in the countries that we would visit. In addition, diversity, due to the numerous students from different cultures would enhance my skills in relating with people in an international court setting. Besides, The Irish Centre for Human Rights in Galway, Ireland is co-sponsoring the program, which means the opportunity to have hands on learning experience. As stated in the course summary, there will be a firsthand study of the main tribunals internationally, which would enhance my knowledge in dispute settling and management. The main objective of the politics and law of international human rights, as far as students were concerned, was to gain enhanced knowledge on and understand the role that the governments, NGOs, United Nations, international tribunals, treaty law, regional courts and customary international law played in human rights politics. Furthermore, the study of the accountability of people who commit war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity will satisfy my interest in human rights study. Moreover, the opportunity to learn new laws of different countries will help me improve on my knowledge and history concerning international human rights laws and overall, my plans of practicing law on an international level.

The visit to The Hague would be a vital experience for my field because it would provide an invaluable first hand experience of how an international court functions. The proceedings of the trial against the accused Kenyans on human rights would give me the opportunity to see and hear how a case in the international court unfolds. In addition, other experiences include seminars with major scholars supervising the study like Professor William Schabas. Professor William Schabas is one of the most respected and influential scholars in studies relating to International Criminal Courts and international criminal law .The program would cover the history of the international criminal court and its recent developments thus enabling individuals like me to know more about the court and the strides it has taken in its growth. My interest in the human rights will be covered in the discussions on the role of the international court of justice, thus it will be beneficial in understanding how justice is served. The history that comes with the international law and courts is not only interesting but also fulfilling.

My interest in human rights will help me understand in depth its role and relationship with politics, the international law, and therefore understanding the components of law, what role Ireland had on international law and international institutions would be helpful to the study. Moreover, it will also provide me a chance to work together with other students from the Irish Centre for Human Rights such that by the end of the course, I will have the opportunity and chance to discover the specific field I will dwell on in international law. With regard to the syllabus, the study will help students identify with the challenges that face international justice today. Consequently, this knowledge will help new comers to the system learn ways to solve these problems as there is always room for change. Learning about the justice, human rights and the international law are among the many things the program offers, including the chance to visit new cities and associate with different cultures, this type of diversity encourages the exchange of ideas and learning of new things. Furthermore, after the program, I will get the chance to know what type of scholar I want to be and who to emulate. Moreover, the chance of meeting all these great professors and students will help to know more about what it takes to be the best.

The program will be filled with diverse individuals, thus for it to be successful, the group needs to co-exist and work together. The main reason for successful coexistence was attributed to trust, respect and setting up of rules that we were to adhere to during our stay together. My ability to work with different people from different races and cultures has provided me with a chance to cooperate with different student organizations, political actions, homeless youth and educational disparities. Besides, this experience has strengthened my ability to know how to deal with diversity and change, by learning new things from different people to enhance my social skills and knowledge. As a member of the student senate in my campus, I have the ability to lead and work together with others towards improvement of the achievement of human rights and justice for those who have been treated unfairly. In the student senate, I have had the chance to deal with individuals from diverse cultures and races. This has equipped me with the necessary skill to deal with people in an international setting. Getting along with people in the group will not be hard as I am a patient and persevering person because I lived with three strangers as my roommates in campus and as much as we had different backgrounds, races and financial capabilities, we still managed to get along well. I was able to learn new things from them and their experiences. We eventually became friends after finding time in our busy schedules to socialize with each other and we realized we had so much in common, which enabled as to socialize more. Hence, I am looking forward to having the chance of a lifetime to learning and getting to know and meet different people with whom I expect to establish contacts with by the end of the program. I believe that these experiences have given me the ability to live well with others regardless of their races, financial capabilities and backgrounds and equipped me with the relevant social skills, which are very vital in dealing with different people.




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