Stereotype Paper

Posted: August 5th, 2013



Stereotyping can take place through different ways. I was able to identify a number of ways through which stereotyping can occur. Among them, which I find to be very cruel is stereotyping a group of individuals according to their weight, in this case, when someone is overweight or obese. In the course of our social lives, we progressively amass certain beliefs that eventually foster a stereotyping among ourselves. I find the discrimination of human being with regard to their physical appearance as quite hurtful and demeaning. Many people in our society are wallowing in the school of thought that being obese comes as a consequence of unmanaged eating habits as well as little or no exercise (Boyd, 2000).


This form of argument is mostly raised when debating against homosexuality in our sexuality. In view, I found this argument lacking and uninformed. The biological point of view declares that the female or male hormones in a person determine how they behave with regard to their sexuality. In this case, gay men are found to have more feminine hormones than male. On the other hand, lesbians are found to have more male hormones than females in their body system. Therefore, I found this argument at fault on this point.

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