Posted: August 5th, 2013



Stereotyping can occur in a number of ways. One way that I find to be cruel is stereotyping an individual with regard to their weight, in this case being overweight. We normally tend to stereotype other people because of certain beliefs we have amassed in the course of our lives. Discriminating an individual with regard to them being overweight is a seriously demeaning and hurtful thing. Many people bear the assumption that overweight people attain their physical status from overeating and few exercises. Society will at times refer to overweight people as lazy or slobs but in reality, that is not always the case (Boyd, 2000). The issue of being overweight in our current society should be better understood, as valid arguments exist to support it.

With the current society, homosexuality has witnessed numerous campaigns aiming to create recognition for freedom of choice in life as well as respect of personal decisions. Homosexuality has however not been fully accepted because of dominant points of view in place. A large portion of society is one that conforms to Christianity and its beliefs that homosexuality is immoral as well as a sin (Simon, 2001). People normally use this argument as a means of justifying their slander actions on the gay community. I found the above argument assertive in nature and gave profound reasoning on stereotyping homosexuality. One mistake I was able to identify in this argument is that it did not include the lesbian community in its argument. Much like homosexuals, lesbians have to go through the same deal of torment by the society. Therefore, they qualified for recognition.

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