Posted: September 4th, 2013




Date: Agency is an organization, which was founded with an aim of reducing and preventing incidences of bullying within the social settings such as schools and neighborhoods especially among children. The organization is founded and managed by the United States Department of Health and & Human Services whose main offices are located on 200 Independence Avenue South Washington (S.W.), Suite 336-E, Washington D.C. 20201. The organization also provides people with a toll free number for reporting cases of bullying and seeking help. The number is Toll Free: 1-877-696-6775. The organization aims at reducing and preventing incidences of bullying within the society. The organization aims at reducing bullying from the main fronts of this social vice. The fronts include, cyber bullying, bullying against (LGBT) lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender youth and bullying against youth with special needs. The agency urges people within the various social settings to stand up against the vice and not act as bystanders when such actions are taking place. The organization also provides people in need of help with cases of bullying with an avenue to have their issues addressed

Bullying is common within schools and neighborhoods. This vice has an ability of affecting people in various ways such as loss of self-esteem, loss of sleep and suicidal tendencies. Such effects can be detrimental to the individual’s life, those in relationships with the individual, family, friends and the society, which loses individuals with various abilities that could be used to transform the society for the better. Cyber bullying is a common aspect of bullying with the increase of social media platforms and the digitization of communication and entertainment. Cyber bullying can be discouraged by urging the owners of social bullying to report and prohibit the vice within their social networks. Users should also be urged to report incidences of cyber bullying to ensure those who are engaged in such vices are prosecuted and reprimanded for their acts.

Bullying within schools and neighborhoods against youth who are considered as special because of their perceived disabilities has taken a new direction with increased bullying against youth and children with special needs. This vice towards children with disabilities is distasteful and should be reprimanded, and action taken against those who propagate the vice without any bias whatsoever. The incorporation of children within school settings as part of means to integrate individuals with disabilities is a means of encouraging acceptance of people within the school and more so the society. However, the road to total acceptance is marred by bullying. Social education could be cultivated, within schools and neighborhoods, to inform people of the spread, how the vices can be tackled within the neighborhood and within schools.

Bullying makes people withdraw from the society, friends, and family and within classrooms. The bullied individuals exhibit indications of depression and stress because of their constant encounters with the bullies. In addition, the individuals tend to get into fights due to the natural need to protect oneself from humiliation and attacks from the bullies. Furthermore, if such incidences are not intervened and handled professionally, they could result into devastating cases such as injury, suicide or death of those involved in the bullying tussles.

A relevant approach towards prevention and halting bullying with specific reference t schools can be using counter measures such as strict enforcement of anti-bullying rules and regulations within schools. In addition, anti-bullying campaigns should be constant especially in the neighborhoods where there is no adherence to rules and regulations but only via laws. Bullying is major vice destroying numerous lives of children and youth in society as they are affected both physically and mentally by the acts of bullying.

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