Strategic Selection

Posted: August 7th, 2013

Strategic Selection





Strategic Selection

1. Discussions in a large lecture class

This is mismatched because it would not be effective. It would take a long time to hold discussions in a large lecture class. However, the instructor can use other methods to engage the students in the lecture such as having a question session.

2. Real objects for teaching tornado preparedness

This is mismatched because it would not be practical to use real objects to teach students about tornado preparedness. Anyone attempting to do such a thing would only be putting himself and others in danger.

3. Chalkboard drawings of an aerobic routine

This is mismatched because the most effective way of teaching an aerobic routine is to conduct the exercises. Attempting to draw on the chalkboard would not only be cumbersome, but it would also be time consuming and ineffective.

4. Overhead transparencies on how to ride a bike

This is mismatched because the best and most effective way to teach someone to ride a bike would be to do it practically. Overhead transparencies are best used when making speeches.

5. Black and white documentary video for preschoolers

This is mismatched because of its ineffectiveness. Preschoolers would have a hard time concentrating as they are watching a documentary. The type of film is deep for them, and the lack of color makes it dull.

6. Printed visuals for pilot training

Pilot training requires the student to have a lot of knowledge and skill. It would take a combination of practical training as well as the use of printed materials for the student to learn effectively.

7. Audio tapes in a graduate-level engineering class

Audio tapes would not be practical in this class. Engineering classes involve many calculations, and in some cases, practical examples. Using audio tapes is a mismatched media strategy.

A good match is one that is practical for the class. A good match will enable the teacher to deliver his lesson, and will enable the students to learn. The media should make it easier for the students to understand the lesson. The selected media should be easy for the students and the teachers to use (Goff et al., 2002).

Black and white documentary video for preschoolers

Teaching preschoolers can be fun and easy once the teacher knows the right tools to use. An effective media to use when teaching preschoolers is using practical content. Children enjoy learning and they are curious. They enjoy engaging in different activities, and they are able to learn more when they are doing something. Providing the right tools will give the child an opportunity to learn. Children learning tools are colorful and fun. They are things that the children can use to play and at the same time, children can use these tools to learn. The tools should be varied in shape, size, and color, and they should be safe to use. It is more effective to engage preschoolers in activities such as counting visible objects, rather than giving them a lecture on how to do so. To make the media more effective and successful, I would ensure that the tools are something that the children can relate to and understand. For instance, having learning tools shaped in different forms such as fruits and shapes. Children know different types of fruits and they are aware of some shapes, and they would find this interesting. I could look for learning tools in the form of cartoon characters. This would make learning fun and more effective rather than using black and white documentaries.























Goff, S., Polland, M., & Cline, L. (2002). Selecting media for the diverse classroom: A handbook for teachers. Florida Department of Education. Retrieved from


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