Strategy exercises

Posted: September 5th, 2013

Strategy exercises







            Human resource is the part in an organization dealing with issues relating to employees hence different strategies have to be applied to increase productivity in a way that best supports the organizations accomplishments (Hedge and Borman, 2008).



            Twisted company lacks internal assessments whose aims are finding out which employees overall qualifications can match up to the requirements of a manager. Hence, the assessment methods applicable in identification of internal managerial talent in the company include skill inventories, which would aid in determination of the competency of the employees when it comes to management of resources, people and technology. Job knowledge test is another assessment test we would recommend hence determining the amount of knowledge an employee possesses on the management field (Sapitula and Shartzer, 2001) with those with the highest level of knowledge being short listed. The other assessment method we would suggest to the CEO of Twisted company is use of assessment centre testing as it determines how an individual would react when faced by a management issue or a situation that would require application of management skills. Performance reviews is another test that we would recommend as it gives the performance track of an individual in his current and past position to help understand whether there has been growing progress in his work.


            I was able to identify human resource management as my preferred career path choice. My preference in dealing with human behaviors and interactions in an organization are what led me to choose that specific career. Another reason is that human resource provides a position to come up with strategic solutions to organizational problems through methods such as implementation of training sessions. Possession of knowledge of the operations in the human resource department and ability to learn will bring about an advantage in attainment and execution of the job. In one year I am capable of being a viable member of a team in a human resource department locating a mentor and implementing knowledge learnt from the mentorship. By five years, I will have the ability to face any issue with the right response, as I will have gathered experience and knowledge through the mentorship received and professional courses taken in relation to what I deal with. My decision-making ability will also have matured.


            WellPoint’s system of succession management is successful as through utilization of internal assessments, the company is able to identify the capabilities of its employees through their record of accomplishments in performances in the past and by doing this, the company can determine which employees possess the skills required by the positions available. The performance track of an individual can determine which employee can easily learn new skills and which one makes progress in their performance that leads to allocation of promotions appropriately to the most promising employees. WellPoint could also give higher incentives to its current employees to motivate them to work harder and appreciate their work more.


            Integration of career development plans plays a vital role in the growth of a company’s workforce hence aiding in the reduction of costs for a company (Sukeinnik, Bendat and Raufman, 2007). By encouragement of career development strategies, the company is able to nature its own managers who will succeed those in the managerial position when it is necessary.


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