Strategy Implementation

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Strategy Implementation








Strategy Implementation

Executive Summary

            The coca cola company is a leading multinational company that specializes in the manufacture of non-alcoholic beverages. Large companies such as these are able to achieve and maintain their success in a dynamic and unpredictable market through careful planning and impeccable execution of strategies. In the design and implementation of strategies, the company has to undertake various measures aimed at the successful implementation of the strategies. This includes a review of the vision, mission values and various environmental analysis including the SWOT analysis to ensure that the choice of strategy and how best to implement it. This report critically evaluates how the company is able to fit or fails to fit, between its vision, mission, strategy and various organization components that are considered paramount in the implementation of its strategies.


The vision statement of the company is a clear indication that the management is aware of the dynamic nature of the corporate market and through this, it prepares the company on the future events. The framework of the company’s 2020 vision details the various accomplishments that need to be made for the company to achieve constant growth in the next ten years. The company’s vision seems to be all-inclusive by addressing entire aspects of the business (The Coca-Cola Company, 2008). The company seems to pay particular interest on the people including the creation of a suitable working environment that enables the workforce to perform at optimum levels. Analysis of the company’s portfolio indicates that the company aspires to introduce into the world market, quality beverage brands that both meet the current consumer requirements and future changes in desires and needs. The company hopes to work with its partners in the creation of a mutual enduring value through the cultivation of a successful network of consumers and suppliers.


The company also envisions in becoming a responsible market player by rearing concerns for the planet. This is through the development and support of sustainable communities. Concerning the profitability of the company, it envisions optimum returns for the shareholder investments and concern for overarching responsibilities. Regarding productivity, the company envisions on being a lean and fast-moving business entity (The Coca-Cola Company, 2008).

The mission statement of the company tends to complement greatly the strategy implementation process. The mission statement of the coca cola company is to quench the world and increase instances of optimism and contentment in addition to the development of value and change oriented. The mission statement of the company creates a fundamental principle that enables the company to set itself on a different level far from other competitors in the industry. The mission also works in enabling the company to the scope of its operations in terms of products and market. The company’s mission statement is a depiction of the company’s approach and viewpoint over the long run. The statement is extensive enough to include the broad reaching goals that call for a multinational company like coca-cola (The Coca-Cola Company, 2008).

The analysis of the value statement of the coca cola company further indicates of the fit of it in its strategy implementation. The company deeply values leadership, partnership, integrity, accountability, fervor, and miscellany, this is in addition to quality. The company endeavors in using the values as a compass in making deliberations concerning its activities and its presence in the planet. The values upheld by the company further work in shaping the company in shaping a healthier future. Partnership involves leveraging collective genius whereas the value of integrity works to render the company in being real.

The value of accountability creates the sense of responsibility regarding its activities and influence in the market while the appreciation of diversity enables the company to fit in the divergent markets of the global market through the production of all-inclusive brands. The value of passion by the company enables the company to be fully committed in any of its endeavors in both heart and mind in the production processes. The value of quality embraced by the company enables it to ensure value and excellence in the production of any of its brands.

The values highly influence the implementation of any strategy. They tend to influence how the company interacts with its various stakeholders and in the design and achievement of the company’s goals. Historically, The Coca Cola company’s strategies have been properly aligned with its values. Various incidents whereby the strategies and actions have deviated from these values have been adequately dealt with through change of direction as a process of aligning them back.

Various external factors highly influence the success of strategy implementation at the Coca Cola Company. These influence on how the company is successful in shifting various aspects from the operational or strategic direction to the company’s organization structure or rather the internal processes. External environments occur at three levels. They can also be grouped into three categories.

The first category is the remote environment, the second being the industry environment whereas the third is the operational environment. the three environments has the ability to both positively and negatively influence trends, that will result in the company management either taking advantage of or avoiding if the company is to run into optimal profitability and the successful accomplishments of the goals and objectives. Each of the environments therefore sets the management in a position whereby they have to negotiate tactfully with the current factors and in the process forecast and plan for the forces that may present themselves in the possible future (Luca, 2006b).

There are other external factors known as the economic factors present in the external environment. Economic aspects such the financial recession, which act as the remote environment, pose challenges in the implementation of any strategy. Business entities are influenced by the state and direction of the operating economy. Aspects such as the past economic recession rendered most of the business entities unable to make profits while others had to shift from current strategy implementation to new ones to be in line with the prevailing economic environment (Luca, 2006). Companies such as the coca cola company had to grapple with slow sales, grave competition and tight credit.

Another factor is that of unemployment. The credit crunch resulted into high levels of employment since most of the companies had to cut back on employment with others executing wanton retrenchment programs. The unemployment levels highly influence the consumer ability as many are bound to exercise caution when purchasing non-basic commodities. This further negatively affects the consumer propensity to spend. The administration must take into account all this factors in order to align their strategy implementation process with the prevailing environment (Garrow, and Hirsh, 2008).


We find that indeed components of the market such as the company’s mission, strategy, and organizational components highly complement the strategy implementation processes. The company has solid vision, mission and value statements that orient the company into pursuing the optimal ways of running the entity. However, there are aspects such as external economic factors that have proved to be a challenge due to their dynamism and unpredictability. However, the company management has been sufficiently able to execute relevant changes in line with the prevailing environment.



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