Strategy of Spreading the Gospel

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Strategy of Spreading the Gospel










Strategy of Spreading the Gospel

The Bible instructs the followers of the Christ to go out all over the world and spread the word of God. It is therefore important for the Word of God to be preached to every corner of the world before He returns (Friesen, 2004)

Area with the greatest need

            The area of the world that has the greatest need for the gospel today is the Northern part of Africa, and especially Somalia. Somalia is a country that has seen a lot of human suffering, because of famine and hunger coupled by a long period of civil war. Contrary to popular belief, there have been some Christians in Somalia since the time that the French Roman Catholic mission set up in 1886. The area around Jubba located near Sudan has continued to be the home of Christians until recently (Haile, 2011).


            First, everyone should know of the presence of some Christians in the country. The Christian community should be informed of their plight and be encourages to keep the faith and focus on the greatest promise of eternal life. Proper research, study and planning should be undertaken to know the culture of the people in Somalia before embarking on spreading the gospel in Somalia (Dixit, 2010).

Identifying and consulting the Somali believers will help in a big way in easing the spread of the gospel there. Training of the local leaders and clergy is also paramount. There should also be an emphasis on sensitization of the people on the benefits of Christianity in curbing tribalism, which is a significant problem in Somalia. Somalia also needs schools, which will provide avenues for the spread of the gospel (Olson, 2011).


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