Strength, Opportunities and Politics

Posted: November 26th, 2013

Strength, Opportunities and Politics

In the modern world, technology evolves rapidly causing dynamic changes in the daily lives of people and business. One of the most popular evolving technologies is the internet that connects the whole world turning it into a global village. Internet-based video streaming is one such technology that provides video services online, where one can watch a film from a computer connected to internet without buying it from the counters. Its greater advantage is its potential to reach many people at one given time and its speed. It has an enormous impact on video and music industries where as opposed to purchasing a video, people rent them online.

The internet has many benefits such as covering a wider market without incurring huge cost, and using this service is easy, as a person just needs to visit the right database and click to rent a film. It also saves the time one needs to use to get it from the counter. Since it does not necessarily require cable connections, it is global. In addition, with such a service, payment is fast (, 2007). New companies interested in venturing into this service need to conduct a situation analysis, which would be ideal in order to know what chance they have in addition to the potential markets. The analysis below describes the potential success of BCE Canada in this service.

Considering that BCE Canada in 2009 had over seven million wireless and almost three million high-speed internet subscribers, it would be relatively easy to provide this service to their existing customers (Scott, 2010). There are a number of opportunities for BCE to exploit. This can include the fact that internet has reached almost all countries in the world. This means that there are markets that do not yet have this service hence are worth trying. With their existing customer base, it would be viable to seek the new markets. There are also opportunities arising with the increase of many different users. These opportunities are very attractive and if exploited well they can be very profitable.

BCE Canada, being the biggest information provider in Canada, has a strong financial structure, which is a major strength for business. This will be useful in launching the service as they can afford the promotional costs that come with introduction of new services. BCE also has strength in its big market share. BCE already provides services related to internet video referencing and this can be considered as diversification and being innovative.

Opportunities and strengths are of no good importance unless good strategies are used to exploit the opportunities. Strategies that BCE should use are promotion and advertising. Promotional strategies can involve giving free samples to customers to increase sales in future (, 2011). Advertising can be achieved through sending messages to their customers and on their diverse websites. Internet video streaming should be considered carefully as it has limitations too, such as the legal blockage of some materials. This is referred to as internet censorship (Scott, 2010). There is just one of the factors that may hinder appeal to the use of this service.

In retrospect, internet video streaming provides an easier way of accessing films without buying them or needing cable connectivity. It is evident that it is efficient, fast and cheaper. This is an added advantage to BCE. The fact that BCE has a number of strengths and opportunities such as an existing market in other related areas would be important for the company. It should thus launch this service for its customers since it is an evolving market. This dictates that they should not be left behind by other companies considering many customers prefer to use internet-based video streaming to cable television. However, BCE faces stiff competition from competitors who are currently dominating this market. The strategies that should be used such as prizing must be carefully implemented to ensure that BCE does not face barriers when entering new markets.






















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