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Posted: August 7th, 2013





Nutrition and Dietary Admission

I am a hardworking and persistent person with the desire to pursue a course in nutrition and dietary. Living a healthy and conscious life has always been my foremost inspiration because I believe that the key to a good life is proper health. My reason for desiring to study in the course is the deplorable state of obesity among the young people in our country. I am a very sociable person, which enables me to work well with people especially when working on projects, which usually involve accommodating different types of people with various ideas. My easygoing nature allows me to value teamwork since I believe that, through teamwork, the set goals can be easily achieved. I am also eager to learn, which helps me take an interest in new things. Therefore, this enables me to be up to date with the latest and current issues, in addition, making it easy for me to grasp new concepts and ideas in the field of study. My interests involve activities such as chess, soccer, swimming and traveling. I believe that taking this course will be highly beneficial to me and the experience I get in this line of study will be advantageous to the people around me. By learning about the dangers of malnutrition, I can alter the school’s dietary system to incorporate healthier foodstuffs that can reduce risks of contracting dangerous diseases such as cancer. I will also be able to encourage students, such as models to adopt balanced diets that will enable them to lead healthy lifestyles instead of subjecting themselves to unorthodox devices such as self-induced anorexic and bulimic methods. I sincerely look forward to you considering my application.

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