Study Report

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Study Report

            Motivation is necessary for a successful business. Organizational motivation involves the persistence shown in an attempt to meet organizational goals. Motivation in employees is necessary to meet organizational goals. Motivation can come from a person’s passion for the job or the ability for an organization to employ the necessary motivational techniques to ensure employees meet organizational techniques. For example, managers my use intended outcomes to motivate individuals. These outcomes may include pay, benefits, responsibility and autonomy at the work place. The motivational equation suggests that the input from employees include time, effort, education, skills, experience, and knowledge and work behavior determine performance of an employee that determines the outcomes received by an individual. Effective motivation comes from good organizational structures that rely on leadership.

Leadership is also an important factor for a successful business entity. A leader exerts influence toward the direction that a business should take. There are leaders who would prefer to take a personal approach while others deem it fit to delegate duties. Leadership styles also vary with culture. Despite the different leadership styles, the source of power remains the same. That is managerial power within an organization comes from expertise, reward, referent, legitimacy and coercive. Leadership is all about empowering employees to achieve the intended goals. The different models of leadership include trait model, behavioral model, fielder’s model, and House’s path-goal model. All these models emphasize leadership skills that ensure productivity is at a maximum. Transformational leadership ensures that the employees are aware of their importance at work by providing feedback to the employee. This kind of leadership is aimed at motivating the employee to work for the good of the company and not just their benefits.

Effective leadership is because of effective team management. This is where a group is created to work together with an aim of achieving on goal. Teams are difficult to form since it takes a long time before people are comfortable to work together. When teams are effectively run, the enhance performance, increase responsiveness to customers and increase innovation. There are different types of teams, including self-managed teams, virtual team, friendship group and interest group. The development of a team must be consistent with the kind of work intended. This will enable the group to develop a good relationship that enhances cohesiveness.

Employees in an organization are part of large who have been coordinated to achieve set goals. Human resource management involves selecting and training individuals to be an effective part of a team. Human resource also involves wages, performance and labor relations. Human resource management must be effective in ensuring that the selection process gives an equal opportunity to everyone who is qualified. The selection process should ensure that the people chosen would form the most effective team. Even the best team requires training so that employees are well equipped to perform their duties. Human resource management should also ensure that employees are working as per the standards set by an organization. For employees to be motivated at work, it is important to uphold their rights by ensuring have all that is entitled to them.

It is vital that employee operations are managed to ensure that the production process is, as it should. This is referred to as operations management. The purpose of operations management is to ensure that input is effectively converted to finished goods. Operations management lays emphasis on quality, efficiency and receptiveness to customers. Customer responsive products are those that achieve quality and meet the other customer requirement such as price. Increased quality leads to higher profits for a firm. Operational efficiency involves ensuring everyone is qualified to handle his or her roles. It is also important for frequent training sessions that ensure that employees and management are at an optimum. Motivation is dependent good leadership and team management that are necessary for the production of quality products.

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