Posted: November 28th, 2013






I believe the poll will officially start on January 3, 2012. As I think we’ve talked before, we will soon assess all institutions with lots of things for our strategic planning. It is an exciting time that we have prepared for our fifty years celebration. We know there’s accreditation coming ahead. We know there is opportunity to team building with our foundation. There’s just a number of things we are looking forward to. We are just excited about this opportunity.


One thing I have learnt over the last few years is purpose . We have to do it better faster. You have noticed that we are working with a lot of estates and within the region. I think we will also see a lot of opportunities for us to build our brand. It is an excellent brand. It is also an opportunity for us to think our market strategy. We can also best build the opportunities for all convenient institutions. We’ve been very successful in our past and therefore we will use some of those skills and we are excited to embrace the state university.

We are planning to come to Emporia, get settled in so that we start the New Year as candidates.


Second Member: One of the things we see as Franklin was interviewing is the ability to answer questions, his standard, his truthful forwardness, from time to time his sense of humor because in this job, you have to have a sense of humor because to us you have to have proper respect of which we need.




Well, they have talked earlier about how well will work very closely with the team, team build with the community, which is very important. We will work very closely together. Certainly, we will look at our plan in terms of our strategies of the future. I had mentioned earlier that we want to work very closely with the foundation. We want to have a second chance to have a hundred and fifty year anniversary. And so it is a great opportunity for us to seriously look at a fundraising for the campus campaign and the institution of the community. I look forward to meeting a number of different groups. Both patience and persistence will come forward. I think this is a wonderful institution and we are just thrilled to be part of it.


Probably it will start today.


We certainly had the opportunity to meet with a number of wonderful people and the search committee. They were so gracious and so thoughtful even when we were here before. Very quickly we will be getting the connections in the community. We will build our relationships. One this is polished we will be able to build those relationships with the vision of the community.



I would very much like the opportunity to teach. We’ve not really discussed that at this point. I have been teaching for twenty years. The last time I heard I was a pretty good teacher. And so I pretty much enjoy being in the classrooms. I think I wanna kinda get myself get myself oriented earlier on. But I really do hope to have the opportunity very early to be asking and that is very important to me. To have the chance to be with the guys. To chair the good students. I really hope that my area is education and as I recall you have a very good education program.


Earlier on, of course we had a connection. We had two degrees as we worked in Kansas before. We had a simple paying job. As some of you may know my wife’s younger brother who is the head coach of a women’s basketball team in Washington D.C. was the associate coach here. We did have some kind of feel when vcoming aboard. You former head coach was from another part of the city in another state and we had a chance to know him as well. Earlier on, I have been on the campus and the selling was really with the people. Once we came on the people here have been just absolutely wonderful, the staff, the students and the Community. I am most sincere that the board was wonderful. You are very blessed and fortunate to have individuals with great passion for education and a great passion for the students.


Question: So you are moving from Texas to Kansas. How much was that drive to here?


Answer: About a nine hour drive.


As far as attitude to the big adjustment as far as…

Well we look forward to it. We have been very engaged in our local community. We have had a lot of family. And we had a chance to watch ten nieces and nephews graduate. We really look forward to be in a new community and we have a new family and we find a new opportunity for us to connect. Having had some experience in Kansas before, it makes a very nice transition for both of us. My wife and I just look forward to being part of the community.


Question: What is one thing you would like the students to know about you?


I am excited. I hope they are. I really ahh…students mean everything to me. You are why we do what we do. From the board, to the leadership, to the staff. It is all about you. So I want the students to know that we care about you. We will always keep you in our thoughts and in our prayers and we want you to be very, very successful because some day you will be the ones sitting up here.


Question: What would you like the students to call you? Dr. Shaunre, President Shaunre?


Answer: Both are nice. Am pretty flexible.


Question: There is no preference there? Ok.


Thank you all.

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