Posted: October 17th, 2013






The article examines the demographical changes that will happen in America by 2050. Kotkin points out that the country’s population will increase at considerable levels in the next forty years, compared to other countries in Europe and Asia. He has based his claims on the high fertility rates among the Americans, and the fact that America has adequate resources to take care of its population. He notes that the US fertility rate is significantly higher than that of many developed countries. Kotkin has observed that the country’s population will increase because of the many immigrants in the US because it is the preferred destination for skilled and educated immigrants. Kotkin has dispelled the reasoning that China poses the greatest challenge to American predominance, noting that it does not have the basic resources to do so. Most people will live in the suburbs and not in the cities. However, suburbs will become greener, as people will change their lifestyles. People will go back to the countryside and the rural areas, because of the increasing cost of living in the urban areas. There will be a need to create more jobs to cater for the increasing population, to ensure that there is no decline in living standards. Reviving the old industries such as manufacturing, energy, and agriculture will help Americans sustain itself in the future. The country will have to continue advancing its technology, to help it solve the emerging problems. Great diversity of people and places will help America in future.

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