Posted: September 3rd, 2013






Supporting points

  • People have some common characteristics regarding their psychology. This is made possible by the human anatomy that is common to all.
  • Science research is vital in solving psychological problems. Detailed analysis of the data and variables will provide a lot of information.
  • Many psychological facts were discovered by experiments on speculations and closely related sources of information.
  • Human culture is a fundamental component when studying psychology. However, it is important to consider all other human aspects (Slife, 61).
  • Psychological studies in America use general population especially when they are considering fundamental processes.
  • Development of psychology will be caused by running tests and experiments on theories.
  • Findings based on fundamentals of human beings; result in having an effect on what is actually happening to people globally.
  • Research is carried out from different parts of the world and not just a narrow profile. Therefore, the conclusions made are real (Slife, 63).



Opposing points

  • Psychology should reflect all aspects of human race not just a few of them. There will be better answers if psychology gets a general focus.
  • Findings of psychology should not be generalized since they might turn out to be inaccurate.
  • Only a part of a population is used in carrying out psychological tests and experiments.
  • Scientific research in psychology cannot be limited in testing theories. It should cover other promising areas (Slife, 64).
  • Most psychologists carry out their research with Americans and conclude their findings are a global principle.
  • Many questions of psychology cannot be answered by just indoor experiments and research. All possible means of research should be applied to this exercise.
  • Human beings are different in the way they respond or carry out their activities. This is why it is important for psychologists to be specific on their findings and conclusions.
  • Psychological research should include animals to broaden the understanding of this discipline (Slife, 65).








Works cited

Slife, Brent D. Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Psychological Issues. Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008. Print.


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