Communication Skills

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Communication skills

            Communication skills are very vital for healthcare providers. In their practice, mangers in health provision centers deal with both professionals and nonprofessionals who may include patients and family of patients. Others encountered may be financiers to the health centers. These communication skills involve both verbal and nonverbal skills. Verbal skills involve the ability to express oneself in a language clearly understood by the audience while non-verbal skills is the ability to pass on a message without the use of words. This may be through body language, facial expressions and gestures. In their interaction with their fellow health providers, managers must have the ability to motivate the doctors and nurses to dedicate themselves to the work that they do as patients lives depend on the attitude of the health providers. These skills will enable the colleagues and workers under the particular manager to learn from each and create a learning environment for them.

Some of the ethical issues solved by good communication skills are that by motivation of the employers they will be able to provide the best kind of services to the patients hence leading to mare saved lives, which will fill the ethical obligation of the employees and the manager. Communication leads to prevention of risky medical errors that occur when information fails to be passed to co-workers or due to miscommunication between employees having a disagreement. Such miscommunications could easily turn into a disaster for the patients. Financial implications that could arise from lack of proper communication by the manager could be withdrawal of financiers if they management does not put effort in their search of funds. Yet another financial problem would be the hospitals going into debt due to accrued hospital bills affecting its ability to deliver quality services. Legal implications would include the hospital being sued for negligence if a medical error occurs due to miscommunication.

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