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‘Sweat’ is a story that concerns a woman subjugated to unrealistic household chores despite the mistreatment leveled from her husband. This aspect is very common inmost of the common marriage relationships where the women are mostly oppressed. There are many instances where people jump into marriage oblivious of the many issues that belie the relationship. The author shows that meekness does always means being weak.

The protagonist is bent on making her husband happy at all times. At first, she is strongly in love with her husband and believes that the situation would persist until their demise. In fact, she tries to avoid arguing with him “…but she walked calmly around him and commenced to re-sort the things” (Hurston 2). This was after he intentionally disarranged the piles of clothes she had sorted out. However, the protagonist changes her attitude towards her husband completely owing to the daily mistreatment that she undergoes. Her husband was amazed by her change of attitude, “A little awed by this new Delia, he sidled out of the door and slammed the

back gate after him” (Hurston 3). The author clearly shows that a woman can be both meek and string at the same time. She chooses to fight for her rights after years of overlooking them. She is ready to fight for what she has worked hard for – her house (Hurston 4).


In conclusion, I believe that the story offers profound life teachings to the people concerning attitude. This is because it elaborates different situations in which attitude changes are noted. ‘Sweat’ symbolizes the efforts put in by women in families in order to keep their families together. However, there reaches a time when they also stand for their rights if they are trampled over or taken for granted.

How It Feels to be Colored Me


In the second story, ‘How it Feels to be Colored Me’, Zora is a young colored boy living in a segregated part of town where there were no Whites. Zora enjoys his life in this side of town and is comfortable with life since all people believe in the same culture. In many instances, one will tend to have a limited worldview until he or she is exposed to a different environment. One will only become disillusioned on his opinion of another race only when he or she has personal contact with persons belonging to the given race.

The protagonist reveals that in this residential area, everybody is colored thus making life easy for him. In fact, the coloreds “deplored…joyful tendencies in me, but I was their Zora nevertheless” (Hurston 2). This indicates that Zora loves the town and that he enjoys himself in the given location. However, in a twisting of events, Zora is taken to a school that is located in a White dominated region. His attitude changes completely regarding his beliefs on Whites and life after noticing that, “in the main, I feel like a brown paper bag of miscellany propped against a wall” (Hurston 3). The protagonist’s attitude changed owing to the odd behaviors of the White people as opposed to the coloreds.


I feel the story, ‘How it Feels to be Colored Me’ is of profound importance in the present society. The story touches on current issues that still affect the present society. The narration offers a real life story of African Americans in a White discriminative populace. The colored are indicated as staying in poor places known as projects. Zora only sees the Whites as they pass though their residential area with automobiles. He is not used to being given silver things by the Blacks in comparison to the Whites after singing episodes.


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