Systems Analysis and Design Role-Playing Question write-up

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

Systems Analysis and Design Role-Playing Question write-up







Systems Analysis and Design Role-Playing Question write-up

Recently, information technology has advanced with more and more people using computerized systems in their operations. However, many of the systems and design developed have focused on the technical part of the design and forgotten the moral and ethical part. For this reason, many ethical issues have come up concerning systems analysis and design. The ethical issue in systems designs remains still new and published articles on the same are limited to few issues. However, there are several articles and researches conducted by researchers concerning this topic. Some of the articles that I found concerning ethical issues in system design and analysis are:

  1. Concern about Ethics and Ethical Issues among Professors of Instructional Systems Design and Technology.
  2. Are There Systemic Ethics Issues in Dispute System Design? And What We Should [Not] Do About It: Lessons from International and Domestic Fronts
  3. Ethical Issues In Network System Design
  4. Ethics in computer software design and development
  5. An Ethical Review Of Information Systems Development
  6. Designing Ethical Systems For Online Systems
  7. Advances In Management Information Systems

In systems design, there are several ethical issues bound to rise from time to time. Some of these issues include privacy, accessibility, property, accuracy and security. Privacy being one of the issues that arise from time to time could be concerned with monitoring of data that is entering a certain network. For instance, in a company network, if personal messages are not allowed or are subject to monitoring, the organization must inform its workers so that it is considered unethical. Security is yet another of the ethical issues in systems design, where security of information must be maintained. Only authorized people should be allowed to use data in a closed network. In addition, materials or information uploaded should be protected from manipulation by outside sources. Only those with authority of the information should be able to change it.

In terms of security issues concerning system design, the system designers should provide a security when designing the systems. It has been realized that trying to fit a security system after the design is already developed is almost impossible. System designers and developers should ensure to develop their design with security fitted into them as opposed to fitting security systems after systems are already developed. When information can be manipulated by anybody form anywhere, this becomes a threat to the owners of the information. In addition, systems designers must inform the users of the system of any shortcomings of the design developed. This way, they will be aware of measures to take in case a problem arises.

Having licenses means having a right to operate; this could be taken away in case of any unethical behavior. Requiring information technologists to have licenses means they will risk losing their jobs in case of unethical behaviors. In addition, this would ensure they do not engage in such behaviors since their identity is well indicated in the license. Clients will be aware of the person serving them. In addition, before one gets a license, one has to prove that he/she is competent in the field for which they apply the license. This will enhance and promote professionalism in the field of system analysis and design. Through licensure of professionals involved in system analysis and design, there will be accountability of what each of them does since they would not want to risk their licenses.

In conclusion, it can be observed that most of ethical issues in systems design and analysis revolve around issues such as security, privacy, accuracy among others such as monitoring of information. None can be considered to carry too much weight than others, but security of information is more important to protect the users. On the other hand, licensing of professionals in this field would be good in improving professionalism as well as cubing unethical behavior. With a license, when a professional engages in unethical behaviors, he/she risks losing clients since the license can be revoked. Therefore, licensure of such professionals should be encouraged.


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