Posted: August 7th, 2013

Technology Integration




Technology Integration

Personal vision

To use and incorporate technology in education, which encourages collaboration, communication and interaction between the students and teachers, with the aim of enhancing technology-based learning and preparing students for the future

Goals and steps needed to achieve the vision

  • Develop a teaching curriculum for teachers to equip them with the technological knowledge they need
  • Teachers will learn and understand how they can integrate technology in the curriculum
  • Learning institutions need to acquire the necessary infrastructure such as computers and internet resources
  • Have selected people in place, whose main role will be researching on technological issues relevant to the school, planning on technological integration, and finding effective ways of incorporating technology within the school
  • Ensure that the technology tools and resources available are adequate for both teachers and the students
  • Adopt relevant technology to suit modern day learning and teaching
  • Develop periodic training schedules for teachers to advance their knowledge and learn about the dynamic field of technology
  • Develop workshops where teachers can meet with other teachers from different learning institutions and with technological experts to learn from each other and develop new skills (Toy, n. d.)
  • Develop instructional technologies and teaching methodologies to guide the teachers in incorporating technology

Changes in teaching and learning

Teaching and learning will be changed because there will be increased focus on technology. Teachers cannot incorporate technology when teaching, unless they have the knowledge, and they realize the value of integration. Having the right knowledge will enable them to use technology related tools in teaching. This means that teachers will have to allocate increased time towards learning about technology. They need to plan how they will use the technology in their classroom, and this requires dedication and sacrifice on their part. Teachers will have to find practical ways of applying technology in teaching. There will be a change in the way various teaching practices are done. This includes the design of the curriculum, preparation of the teaching materials, and student assessment and reporting. Technology integration will ensure that learning is focused on the students. The teacher’s mode of communication and interaction with the students will change. Applying the right tools will enable teachers to monitor the way students use the internet (Gorder, 2008).

Learning will change because the students will have a wealth of information regarding the use of technology. One of the ways of incorporating technology in education is through using the internet. The students will understand how they can use the internet to their advantage to find learning resources. They will learn responsibility when using the internet. They will understand how to identify credible sources to benefit them in learning. Students will enhance their critical thinking, as they identify ways of incorporating technology within their learning, and as they learn how to look for, and use, accurate information. Technology integration in education will change the way students present their information, as it will give the students multiple options. Students will not be required to use paper and pencil only, but they will also incorporate other methods such as power point presentations, videos, and other forms of multimedia.























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