Texas Redistricting Plan

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Texas Redistricting Plan

            Redistricting refers to the process by which the United States government draws boundaries for its electoral districts. The drawing is mostly influenced by population changes in the state in question. The process is determined by the results of the census that takes place every ten years. Redistricting is important in our politics since it ensures that the country has no problems like overpopulation (Winburn, 49). The redistricting plan in Texas was, however, controversial. This was because the state gad already redistricted in 2002 after the census had taken place. Majority of the people did not find any reason that warranted another redistricting process. This process had an impact from the perspective of a Republican political power in the Congress.

For the Republican politicians, the redistricting of the state was purely for political gain. In my opinion, this example of redistricting is a representation of political corruption. This is because there was no valid reason why they wanted to undergo the process again. The politicians used their powers as leaders to facilitate the redistricting of Texas. Tom Delay was one of the key supporters of the redistricting program. He stayed in power until 2006 when he had to resign due to money laundering charges. These charges were in connection to an investigation that was associated with the finances for his campaigns. In 2011, he was convicted and he received a sentence of three years in jail. However, for the time being, he is free on bail while trying to appeal his conviction (Bickerstaff, 78).


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