Texting While Driving

Posted: November 30th, 2013

Texting While Driving




Texting While Driving

Purpose/Goal: To address the issue of texting while driving and the effects it has.

Audience: The citizens of the town of Winnipeg

Setting: Large hall belonging to the municipal council

Organization: Single sitting arrangement with an audience of approximately 150 people

Supporting Material(s):  The use of audiovisual equipment for instance a power point presentation to enhance the effect of the presentation

Delivery: The speech will be delivered orally to the audience. The speaker may also use non-verbal cues in order to engage the audience more in the presentation. He or she may use facial expressions or gestures to this effect.

Strengths: This presentations’ greatest strength is that the speaker will be able to forge a relationship with the audience. The audience will, therefore be more engaged in the presentation. The speaker can involve the audience members in the speech by use of questions for instance and this will improve the presentation.

Weaknesses: The major weakness the speaker will encounter will be that he or she does not know al the members of the audience personally. This will be disadvantageous because he will not he or she able to address to their particular ideas and may not get all their attention.

INTRODUCTION: Good morning everyone, I take this opportunity to welcome you to this meeting and to thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Attention Getter: I believe that all of you are aware of the road accident that took place recently. It claimed the life of one of the third grade students in one of our local schools. It was claimed that this accident resulted due to the negligence of the driver who was texting as he was driving.

Thesis: Texting while driving is a hazardous practice that endangers the lives of the pedestrians as well as other motorists (Leeming et al, 2007).

Overview: Texting while driving has several effects on the driver and these effects culminate in occurrences such as road carnage.

TRANSITION: All the motorists to ensure the safety of our roads should avoid the issue of texting while driving.

Major Ideas (BODY):

I. Drivers who drive as they text have their attention diverted from driving in order for them to text.

A. Texting requires some level of attention to avoid making errors in the message. This takes the focus of the driver away from the road.

B. The attention that should have been accorded to driving the car is therefore dramatically reduced and this is very dangerous to the other drivers and pedestrians

TRANSITION: The averting of the attention of the driver while he or she is driving because he or she is texting may prove dangerous.

II. Because the driver is not focusing on driving entirely, this makes him vulnerable to accidents that could have been avoided in ordinary circumstances.

A. Most road accidents occur due to unnecessary mishaps and their frequency is increased when the drivers are engrossed in something else such as texting.

B. An example of such an occurrence is if a car breaks down on the road, the probability of the distracted driver to run into the car is high since he or she will mot be notice the other drivers avoiding the car since they are busy texting.

TRANSITION: These unnecessary road accidents can be avoided if only the drivers avoid texting while driving.

III. The road accidents caused by the drivers who text while driving will affect the students in our community the most (TRL, 2011).

A. A large number of the schools in this area are in close proximity to the residential areas. This means that the students therefore travel to school on foot.

B. However if such accidents keep happening, the parents will require to spend a lot more money to obtain transport for their children to and from school. They will do this to ensure that their children are safe from road accidents.

C. In the case of the student that was run over recently, the accident occurred as she crossed the road. The traffic lights signified it safe for the pedestrians to cross the road but one driver who was texting did not see the lights and so he hit her.

TRANSITION: The safety of the children in our community should be paramount and everything should be done to ensure their well-being.

CONCLUSION: All drivers should stop using technological devices while driving in order to ensure that they are not endangering the lives of the other civilians.

 Summary:  Texting while driving has several effects. Drivers in this situation are sidetracked and they may cause accidents. These accidents can be avoided if this issue is seriously considered.

Memorable Statement: In order to ensure the safety of this community, it is imperative that all the drivers stop using mobile phones while driving. Let the saddening demise of the young child be a constant reminder of the harmful effects of texting while driving.



Leeming, J. J., Mackay, G. M., Pole, K. F. M., & Fitzgerald, P. J. (2007). Road accidents: Prevent or punish? Oswestry: Quinta

TRL Limited. (2011). Pedestrian road accidents: Update (2007-2010). Bracknell: HIS

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