The Adventures of an IT Leader chapter 13&14

Posted: August 12th, 2013





The Adventures of an IT Leader

1. How would you respond to Bernie Ruben’s 3 questions about emerging technologies?

The term emerging technologies refers to the modern developments and creativity in various aspects of technology. Jim Barton can restore confidence in the IT department to a level that will be satisfactory for all employees. He could use various methods for instance; one of them would be to learn how to communicate with non-IT staff. Barton was experiencing a problem of communication his ideas and thoughts to the security personnel, as they were very technical. Barton however also needs to discover innovative ways of maintaining the integrity of company information. By doing so, the IT department will have a reputation for being thorough and dependable thus restoring the confidence.

2. Barton spends much of his time “fighting fires”, much as Davies did. Can he fix this or is this inevitable at IVK?

The doctrine of completed staff work still applies in the contemporary IT environment because most of the functions of personnel are intertwined and integrated to a point that an employee must have skills in more than one area. However, each employee is nowadays more specialized than ever before and his or her professional advice or recommendation could lead to the success or failure of a business venture. Barton should bypass the CEO. Although this may seem as a breach of hierarchy, Barton is an expert in IT and therefore is in the best position to make decisions concerning the IT department. The CEO might overlook his advice but the board will have the hindsight to know Barton is well trained and experienced.

3. A look at emerging technologies suggests that folks in your generation might work differently from the way folks in my generation have. What do you anticipate in the way of IT-based changes in your working life?

The decision to acknowledge that Barton is capable of fixing the IT department issues stems from two reasons. One, Barton is experienced in handling corporate dilemmas and blunders in IVK form many years. Therefore, his problem-solving skills will be significant in ending the crisis. Two, he is surrounded by a team of able staff that have the right expertise to help him solve such issues.

4. Which vendor, contract structure and service delivery model should IVK choose?

The emerging technologies have made it easier to perform most of the tasks within the office. Communication has been greatly improved within IVK. The installation of an intranet network has enabled fast and broader network among all branches and departments within the company. The establishment of an online presence through the company’s website and online advertisements has greatly increased the number and types of customers. The establishment of a customer relationship management (CRM) system has also changed the way in which potential and existing clients are handled. Computer literacy has also become increasingly significant in the firm.

5. What does “control” mean to a company like IVK when it comes to outsourcing partnerships?

IVK limited should adopt a general reference model of service delivery that will allow them adapt it for the IT sector. The firm should adopt a unified contract structure. In the outsourcing process, control means the power wielded by the provider in administering the relationship between the two parties. The party having control can negotiate better for the terms of operation and the splitting of profits among other aspects. IVK stand to be dominant in the event of an outsourcing plan in that it has a strong personnel and capital base.

6. Do the collaborative advantages of “Web 2.0” technologies outweigh the security risks when they are used in an organizational setting?

Web 2.0″ technologies such as JavaScript and Ajax are part of the emerging technologies that have increased security as compared to the earlier version that were being used in the Internet. However, even though they have certain security measures, they expose the user, the system and the network to other security loopholes. The decision to adopt web 2.0″ technologies lies in achieving the balance between security and functionality. While the emerging technology is good for establishing networks, sharing information and data and interlinking different platforms, the web 2.0 technologies has a large number of business users. Where business is mentioned, there is involvement of transactions and to that extent, these new technologies are vulnerable to fraud, identity theft and other forms of security issues.

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