The American Fiction Writer in Early American History

Posted: October 17th, 2013





The American Fiction Writer in Early American History

Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe had a unique approach towards their individual styles of literature. Edgar Allan Poe is at times described as an author of the supernatural world because of his fictional yet captivating style of writing. His individual style could be simply termed as gothic as he specifically focuses on broad subjects such as comic hoaxes, social satire, mystery storie3s, prose poetry, and science fiction. On the other hand, Nathaniel Hawthorne is described as a romantic writer because his works consisted of dark romanticism. His works usually focused on social inequality, social sins, and the ultimate evil of the human race within the society (Moores, 12).

Both writers could be termed as implicit dark romantic writers as they were involved in depiction of emotion during death such as decomposition and its effects, questions arising about death with the aim of appeasing the public, premature burials and the reanimation of deceased individuals. Dark romanticism could be assumed as a literary school, which was assumed by writers in the early American society. Allan Poe is considered as one of the greatest pioneers of Gothicism as he articulated the susceptibility of man to sin and his eventual self-destruction or death. In addition, his form of writing was aimed at illustrating the lack of wisdom and divinity by human beings.

Hawthorne, on the other hand, had an identical and specific focus on the relationship of man to sin and his actions. In addition, the author assumed that approach that man and sin were intertwined, as their actions were simply wretched and derived misery for those around them. Furthermore, due to man’s sin, he had to face punishment as a means of retribution for his ungodly ways. This could be marked by disease or eventual death as a part of payment for the sins committed in an individual’s lifetime. In addition, he used ancient or historical forms of writing with an aim of indicating the role of ancestral sin and man’s act and need for retribution for his sinful ways (Moores, 13).

Furthermore, Allan Poe’s form of writing assumed a satirical approach as he mocked the world and its conduct. He also applied irony with the aim of enabling the audience to release themselves from the confinement of culture and to explore extraordinary thoughts. In addition, Poe was of the view that any form of art or literature was given definition as art by the hidden eye of the comers who had a different understanding of any work in comparison to the art and literature enthusiasts.

The two individuals had differences in terms of their styles of writing Nathaniel Hawthorne applied the use of allegory and morality in his form of writing. In addition, he soon began the use of transcendentalism in his literature works with the view that man could seek retribution and be devoid of the worldly evils. This is because he believed that society and its institutions were responsible for the corruption of individuals in society. Allan Poe on the other hand disliked transcendentalism because he viewed such forms of writing as mere escapists efforts form man’s sinful nature (Moores, 24). In addition, he disliked this school of thought hence he applied use of consequentialist approaches in writing whereby man’s sins were to be paid for with disease, suffering and eventual death of man.

In conclusion, both artists are able to use their form of romanticism to the fullest as indicted by the effects of the publications in the literary world. Dark romanticism is in essence part of the American literary heritage, which is in use up to date in the modern world. Despite their individual differences, both individuals are bale to bring out this form of writing adequately in their works.

Work Cited

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