The book, The Bird is on The Wing:

Posted: November 27th, 2013






The book, The Bird is on The Wing: Aerodynamics and The Progress of The American Airplane by James R. Hansenaims covers the history of aeronautics and the discipline of aerodynamics and examines the role of aerodynamics in the historical development of the airplane. The author’s intention of writing the book is to provide a readable book to the audience. The author realizes that there are many people who are not necessarily interested with the intricate details of the practicalities of aerodynamics. He intends to write a book that will be easy to read, yet provide the necessary details about aerodynamics. The book begins by highlighting how the airplane has re-defined technology and how it has affected people’s lives. It notes how it has affected the way individuals and families travel and do business.

The author notes that the airplane has redefined technology and it has continued to ensure development in the industry. The book then traces the origins of the first airplane that was designed by the Wright brothers. It highlights the efforts of the government and the researchers to develop a better airplane. The book notes the achievements in the industry, which were made possible by the dedicated people who were willing to work to ensure that they developed something better. Although the author has indicated that he will cover the discipline and the role that aerodynamics play, he has further proceeded to add that he will not cover the history of aerodynamics. He has however cited where the readers interested in aerodynamics can get comprehensive information about the topic. The author has explicitly stated that he will not cover airplane development in a global scale, but he has instead chosen to focus on America

The author has covered other topics in the book. He has noted how the researchers were able to ensure that the airplane had better sound, and how they intended to break the sound barrier in their quest for designing airplanes that could pass the sound limit. He has also focused on the supersonic design revolution. In addition, he has observed how various people worked to develop the design of the airplane and has included the weaknesses together with the limitations of the proposed design. In addition, he has noted why airlines prefer to be identified with some designs. The author has covered the rise and fall of the SST and the progress of the jetliner. He has also forwarded his thoughts concerning future airplanes. The author has shown that it has taken many people with knowledge on diverse subjects to develop the airplane, and ensure that it has reached the level it is today. He seems to be especially knowledgeable in the design of the American aircraft DC-3 and X-1. The author has shown the importance of aerodynamics in ensuring that technology continues to evolve and it continues to develop the industry.

The book is comprehensive as it highlights the failures and the challenges that different people have gone through in their quest for developing a better airplane. It shows how the various individuals and organizations worked to realize this goal. He does not use technical language when writing and this makes his work easy to read and understand. This means that even people with less technical knowledge about airplanes can read the book without difficulty. The author has used many references in the book. He has included different people who are specialized in this area, and who have written books on related topics. He has also noted the people who have helped him to realize the goal of publishing the book. Many of the people he has included in the work are professors and scholars in the industry. They have comprehensively studied the history and the development of technology in the field. He has used credible sources, and this has ensured that his work remains credible and reliable. The book has not dwelt extensively on any of the topics. It merely points out the details of the suggested topics and it would therefore act best as supplement reading. This book illustrates the major contribution of the American government and other individuals to ensure that they design the best model planes using the latest technology.

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