The difference between real life crime scene analysis and television crime scene analysis

Posted: August 6th, 2013

The difference between real life crime scene analysis and television crime scene analysis

            When a crime takes place, police officers are bound by law to solve it. In the process of solving the crime, they have to employ major tactics to make sure that the culprit does not walk free. In both real life and television crime scenes, one thing that both police officers have in common is the fact that they both strive hard to solve the crime.“ Rookie Blue” a television series about police officers who juggle their day-to-day lives and at the same time try their best to keep the streets free of criminals. This TV series will help show the difference or similarities that are present in crime scene analysis both in real life and television based.

Rookie Blue” centers on five police officers who have just graduated from the police academy. They have been posted to division 15 where each of them is doing their best to be good police officers. As they go through their daily challenges, they learn that being a police officer requires more than what they learnt from the academy. They are required to think wisely to be able to solve the crimes. Their commanding officers are hard on them so that they do not make any mistakes. However, from time to time, they do make mistakes and they do their best to learn from them, as is seen in episode one where the protagonist of the TV series Andy McNally arrests a police officer who is undercover Sam Swarek.


Both TV series and real life crime scenes are showing many similarities to give the audience a taste of how the police system works. Many times the cast is asked to shadow police officers before shooting begins, so that if there are differences between the two it is not so vast. “Rookie Blues” is an indicator of how the producers of the program tried to give the audience a feel of real life police work.

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