The effect September 11 2001 had on America

Posted: October 17th, 2013





The effect September 11 2001 had on America

The September 11 attacks were a sequence of four synchronized suicide attacks on the United States by the militant faction, Al Qaeda. The attacks destroyed the World Trade Center towers that both collapsed killing over 250 people. The total number of casualties from the three suicide attacks stood at 3,000 people. The discussion on terrorism will address both the causes of terrorism attacks and the effect they have on the victims. The September 11 attacks were caused by a myriad of issues shared by the Taliban group and which affected the relationship between America and the Middle East.

Some of the causes of the September 11 attacks include a response to foreign occupation and actions of an uncontrollable terror group. The most credible and important explanation for the causes of the September 11 attacks is the actualization of the Afghan jihad in the form of violence. The militants in Al Qaeda followed corrupted teachings on Islam that prompted them to act as defenders of Islam as a religion. Former statements made by Bin Laden, the terror group leader bordered on launching senseless attacks on infidels who were interpreted to be citizens who believed in Christianity and other religions.

The increased military activity in Saudi Arabia was another possible cause of the September terror attacks. The United States had posted over 5,000 troops in Operation Southern Watch who controlled the major oil fields and airports in Iraq. This caused unrest and disapproval among Muslims that might be considered enough reason for a motive. Indeed, Bin Laden had also issued a fatwa that demanded for the withdrawal of American troops out of the Middle East. This motive also had a religious tone in the sense that bin Laden mentioned the close proximity of the American troops to Mecca, the holy ground. The Al Qaeda had to send a message that they were being intimidated and colonized in their own country.

The practice of international relations with Israel was also an important reason that caused the September 11 attacks. Again, Bin Laden was at the forefront in declaring that America had gone to liase with the enemy. The Al Qaeda and Muslim community have had long-standing conflicts with the state of Israel and the Jewish community. The entrance of America as an ally to Israel pitted the USA against the Al Qaeda terror group that was bent on eradicating all parties that associated with Israel. The September 11 attacks were therefore retaliation by Al Qaeda to caution America from supporting the Israeli state.

Other cause that were forwarded but proved insignificant includes indoctrination through madrasas that taught young people about supporting the worthy cause of jihad. This theory was flawed because very few madrasa graduates engage in terror activities. The clash of ideologies between the West and the East has also been cited as a possible cause although this claim was not valid enough. The strong ambitions in Al Qaeda were also linked to the astuteness of their leader, Bin Laden who made a decision to use terrorism to shape the domestic and international politics using deeply rooted religious principles.

While the Al Qaeda had many reasons to wage a terror attack on the West and primarily America, the American government was also partly to blame for the attacks that targeted their people and country. Their foreign policy toward countries in the Middle East especially Afghanistan has been very aggressive, inconsiderate and non-negotiable. Coupled with the continued intrusion of American troops in the Middle East, most Muslim extremists and Al Qaeda supporters interpreted the move as a direct intimidation and violation of sovereignty and right to self-rule. The combination of foreign intrusion, different religions and economic sabotage would have eventually led to expression using violent means such as terrorism.


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