The Emotional Effects of Researching Papers

Posted: October 17th, 2013





The Emotional Effects of Researching Papers

            It is a requirement especially in universities for students to carry out research work for their projects on certain topics as agreed with their instructor. In most cases, students think of research as something very difficult, time consuming and quite tedious to carry out. With such a mentality, the students are usually panicking when they know that their projects are due. Many will be affected emotionally, from thinking it will be hard and could spoil their grades. This is usually so because research is not like the other tests they take which involves questions and answers on issues they have learnt. Research is more about finding out something. Therefore, the biggest emotional effect of researching papers on students is anxiety. In addition, many students do not know what to expect from the research, and may not know the kind of challenges to meet especially if it is their first time researching. This increases anxiety further.

On the other hand, there are those students that are excited by the thought of conducting their own research, and one of the experiences they get is being eager to conduct their projects. Many students, especially when conducting research on topics the love, are excited and become more creative. Such students will be excited when they know the research is of importance to a certain group on which the research is carried out meant such as the subjects. In addition, after completion of the research, students get the most relief knowing they have been able to overcome a challenge, since researches are generally a challenge. When the research is assessed and recognized or attains good results, they feel happy about completing a research. This is the feeling of knowing that one can seek knowledge on conducting investigations to answer boggling questions on their own, without having to rely on knowledge provided by the teacher. This further gives the students a feeling of being an achiever.

On the other hand, when the research does not go as intended and probably the students does not achieve his or her goal, the suffer feelings of failure and embarrassment. No body wants to fail, and considering that research papers are sometimes hard if one does not have the right topic that suits them as well as the right research questions, embarrassment crimps in when students are not able to achieve. Others will even feel angry with the whole issue of researching. Frustration also builds on students when they fail to pull out a successful research paper. Many students fail to compile a good research especially for the first time they are carrying out a research on their projects. In addition, many students feel frustrated when they encounter problems or challenges they cannot handle in their research, which increases frustration. Without help from the instructor, students may panic and hate the whole process of writing research papers as well as conducting research. In addition to frustration, students feel bored when they are not able to overcome the challenges of researching and writing the research papers. Many will lack the enthusiasm and motivation of going ahead during their research. this causes boredom and feeling like it is a waste of time, and some will not put the needed energy to their work, thus end up feeling hopeless since the cannot achieve.



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