The Female Vote and Empire Building

Posted: December 2nd, 2013

The Female Vote and Empire Building




The Female Vote and Empire Building

1. Provide two or three reasons that men resisted the idea of women voting for so long, focusing on what they may have feared

The chauvinistic attitude in men prevented them from allowing the women to have their voting rights. The men believed that voting was the exclusive activity of men. They did not want the women to get the idea of holding political posts, which they strongly believed were supposed to be for men only. Men were overtly against the freedom of women to take part in an election because it would undermine their control. The men were afraid that by allowing the women to vote, they would lose the control they had over the women. The men feared that presenting the women with the freedom of women to take part in an election would make them involved in politics to the extent that they would forget their traditional roles at home. They believed that all women belonged at home, and they had no place in political affairs (Scher, 2011).

2. Make a connection between the enfranchisement of women and the progressive movement, showing how it may have helped with reforms or hindered reforms, or made no difference

Many women were engaged in the quest for voting rights. They held demonstrations, protested, and even went on hunger rights. Despite these efforts, some of the women were supporting the men in opposing women suffrage. They were determined to ensure that other women would not achieve the freedom to take part in an election. The provision of education to women, and all the action that went with it, provided an educational and awareness ground for many women. Those who were involved in securing the freedom of women to take part in an election concentrated on educating the other women on the importance of the ballot process. This education and increasing awareness contributed to the progressive movement. The women realized that they had been oppressed and denied many rights, and their success in securing the vote gave them the courage they needed to fight for other rights.

3. Take a position on the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment as a civil rights victory, explaining how you think the female vote has influenced or not influenced the direction of civil rights in this country

The 19th amendment secured the right of American women to cast a ballot. As per the requirements of the amendment, all American citizens had the freedom to take part in an election, and no one should deny anyone this right based on gender. The vote of the women was crucial in altering the course of the civil rights. Many people felt that they could fight for their rights of representation and recognition after the passage of the amendment. The passage of this amendment, guaranteed women the freedom to take part in an election. It also made other people, especially racial minorities, demand for their rights.

Empire building

1. For a country such as the US that makes the equality and protection of rights one of the centerpieces of its own existence, explain how the annexation of foreign territories during this period was justified

The US justified its actions by claiming that it was advancing democracy. It claimed that annexing the foreign nations ensured that the people would live in freedom, and they would have justice. The US was determined to propagate its agenda to the foreign nations because it did not believe that the policies and rules governing these nations were beneficial for the people. It believed in a democratic system which encouraged capitalism, leading to the growth of the economies. Some of those individuals in the affected areas recognized the benefits of this, and they supported the annexations, making the US campaigns successful

2. Give two examples of how the United States benefits by owning territories and having military bases around the world today 

The US benefits from operating military sites in many countries on a global scale because this helps them maintain and protect their interests. For instance, settling in strategic locations enables the military to be able to ensure more security for its citizens, because it is able to know what is going on around the region, and the threat is facing from different locations. Gathering information becomes relatively easy when troops are deployed to various places around the world. By owning territories, the US is able to secure more resources for its industries. It also benefits from the expertise provided by the people in different sectors of the economy, providing labor in areas of shortage.

3. Describe the political impact to the party in power here at home when the US military is victorious in a foreign war or takeover and when it is defeated

The political party benefits because it is able to gain more confidence among the people. When the military is victorious, the people increase their confidence in the government’s ability to take care of them. They feel more secure and guaranteed, and this enables them to know that the government has its priorities right. The political party gets more authority and power, as it increases its memberships. The opposite happens when the military is defeated. The people start opposing the government’s move in engaging in the war, and they show their lack of confidence in the government. Many of them opt to support the party that opposed the war.






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