The Gospel of Matthew

Posted: November 27th, 2013

The Gospel of Matthew






The Gospel of Matthew

The movie according to the gospel of Matthew is about the life of Jesus Christ. The story is narrated in a very simple and natural way. It is the story of a simple and a humble man of the people, who is seen holding campaigns concerning spiritual salvation in an extremely rough surrounding with a population that does not care at all. The movie was extremely exciting and motivating in spiritual terms than any other movie ever shown. The movie of the Gospel of Matthew created a great influence on my view of the character and personality of Jesus Christ. The movie is well presented and a person is able to get every word as it is said because of clarity. In addition, the movie also enables a person to master the bible well because the chapters and the verses are well shown in the lower corner of the screen.

The pattern in which emotions are presented in this movie provides the audience with enough understanding of the word and every meaning behind what is being said. The real figure of Jesus is portrayed. This is because the author identified an approachable and caring figure to be used in the movie. The movie is quite inspirational and the person acting the part of Jesus in this movie matches with the gospel as it is supposed to be (Bruce, 2007). Therefore, am highly enlightened with the movie and able to follow and understand the gospel as it is written. The thing I liked most in this movie is the way Jesus is portrayed in this movie. In most cases, Jesus is shown as a serious and solemn person but in this movie, I was able to view Jesus from a different perspective. The movie showed Jesus as the happiest person, someone who loved to have fun in between the daily life issues.

The differences in presentation emphasize on the role of culture and how Jesus is viewed at a popular level as compared to the biblical Jesus. Through the movie, the way Jesus is presented is not the way it is always in the bible. For instance, in most cases, He is always shown in shining white robes carrying out His work of ministering to people and performing miracles in various ways and places. The movie shows Jesus as a young man who mingles with all people speaking the word straight from the Gospel (Tatum, 2010). Therefore, all the performance of miracles such as healing the sick, feeding the hungry and walking on water were carried as a way of showing the simple and straight cultural roles. The movie presents the gathering of humanity and plausibility where the natural development in Jesus is that of an ardent human being who becomes more weary and impatient as He continues with His ordained ministry.

The outcome of excitement and participation with the fervor and compassion of Jesus is an accumulating sense of irony and tragedy of the sufferings of Jesus in terms of history and in spiritual terms. For instance, the movie tried to ignore some parts such as meeting of the crowd and omitting the sound effect of a cock’s crow after the denial of Jesus by Peter, which assist in achieving a new illusion of unfolding of an ancient tragedy.

All the presentation in the movie of the Gospel of Matthew is directly from the bible; however, the most interesting part is that, this movie enables a person to think. The creators and developers of the movie provide a good interpretation of the movie thus leaving room for a person to concentrate so that he or she may experience something new from the story. Therefore, this movie is recommended to anyone interested in growing spiritually in life.


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