The Last Lecture

Posted: November 28th, 2013





The Last Lecture

            The Last Lecture is a book written by Randy Pausch a professor at Carnegie Mellon University with a terminal illness pancreatic cancer. The book is a guide on how a person should lead their life while alive. It contains stories of Randy’s childhood and from these events, the author is informing people that they should find happiness in everything that they do, and life is fun. One of the things that come out of this book is that a person should do the right things always because when you do a right thing good things happen in return. The book advices people to help one another and care about other people.

The book also tells people that they cannot live this life alone a person needs others to help them make it in life. For this to happen a person has to be, honest at all times. Randy is also advising people apologize whenever they make mistakes. A person should not live their life focusing on themselves but focusing on other people. The book also talks about brick walls in life, Randy advices that a person should never give up. The brick walls are there to show how a person is dedicated to achieving their goals in life. The book also advices people to find a good mentor for their life. The book also gives advice to young women who are in love, women should not focus on things men say, but they should pay their attention on the things men do when they are in a romantic relationship.

Randy also advices people that they should listen to what other people are saying. It is hard to accept criticism, but it is important that a person listens to the feedback, appreciate it and make use of it. They have to be ready to learn from their parents, mentors, friends and colleagues. The book advices people to show gratitude to those who help them and to be loyal to one another. Another advice is that people should not complain no matter how bad things are. The book also advices them to know what they are good at as it makes them feel important. Another valuable lesson Randy is telling people is that they focus on the good side of other people as everyone has a good side. He also advices people to be prepared always as there is no such thing as luck and he defines luck as preparation that meets opportunity.

Another thing that comes out of the book is that if a person leads their life the right way their dreams will come true. The Last Lecture as Randy stresses is meant for his children, as he wants them to learn and know things about him. His parents taught him how to have fun in life and he advices parents if their kids want to paint their rooms they should be allowed to do so. Since no one knows when they will die; one should live life to the fullest.

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