The Next Frontier: Personalized Learning

Posted: August 12th, 2013

The Next Frontier: Personalized Learning




The Next Frontier: Personalized Learning

Current System Personalized Learning System

Changing systems in learning towards the personalization of learning has been brought about by the need to engage in teaching and learning that would enable students to engage in education that guarantees success in the classroom. Personalized learning ensures individual learning needs are addressed, which is a shift from traditional teaching and learning approaches that emphasize anonymity. Furthermore, the traditional means of instruction thrives on inequities such as failure to recognize individual needs and strengths in a classroom setting.

Current systems of instruction are marked by the inability to meet the needs of student variety and personalized interests of students. Personalized learning would result on emphasis of individual skills, abilities and interests in learning. Hence, this would result in higher levels of satisfaction among students. In the advent of technological advancements, the use of technology could provide students with the much-needed individual flexibility towards pursuing their educational interests and needs (Grovier, & National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education, 2007).

One size fits all Assessment leads to individual learning plan

The use of traditional models of learning, which provide students with the ability to develop individual learning plans, is part of the changing systems of learning. This provides students with high autonomy levels in terms of selection of learning activities, which they fancy. In addition, the development of Individual Learning Plans (ILP) provides students with autonomy of pursuing their individual needs and interests based on student weaknesses and strengths. Increased achievement of student success would be achieved as individuals are driven by individual needs and interests to achieve success (Webster, 2008).


1. The development of Individual Learning Plans (ILP) could be enhanced in institutions to provide students with the ability to engage in learning activities, in their preferred fields of interest. Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s) provide students with the ability to include learning activities, which factor their strengths and weaknesses in the field of instruction identified. Student experiences determine the success of an ILP. In addition, this also determines the overall success of the student in educational activities. The student identifies preferable activities resulting in a higher level of success achievement, in comparison to “One size fits all”, which actualizes the use of anonymity as a means of instruction lacking in specific focus on individual needs, abilities and wants (Shute, 2008).

2. The redefinition of teacher roles and expanding the skills and knowledge of the teacher are among strategic steps, which could be used to ensure movement towards personalized instruction. This could assume the use of technology based products as a means of instruction and interaction with students. This provides students with autonomy in terms of accessing material for instruction and personalized engagements with instructors. Redefining teacher roles is a means of providing the students with diversity or variety towards preferred instructional methods. Additionally, this would provide students with better skills and knowledge accrued from instructors increased skills and knowledge (Claxton, 2008).

3. The limitations in terms of time as evidenced by the traditional and current means of instruction could be eliminated through the establishment of time friendly learning approaches. Students could identify appropriate times for the various learning or instruction activities with their instructors. Planning for individual time could provide students with the ability to manage individual activities related to educational programs. Planning allows individuals to select their preferred means of instruction that is suitable for individual needs, wants, abilities and preferences. This would also be a means of redefining the teacher roles as it reduces the amount of anonymous instruction and focuses on personalized student needs and wants.



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