The Post Model

Posted: August 12th, 2013

The Post Model




The Post Model



A social network will be suitable for students entering their senior year in high school. Such students would prefer an interactive online session rather than a dull one-sided session. Students in senior high would like a network where they share and post their material. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs would be ideal for high school students.


The objectives of the social network will be to aid the students in learning as well as raise funds for a noble cause. To achieve this, the network must be able to reach a large number of people. The site should also be one that is easily accessible and one that can be updated easily. The social network must appeal to both the students and the target group.


The site should be able to influence the target group to contribute to the cause. It should appeal to the young and old alike. The site should be easy to link with other sites so that it can reach many people. The layout of its interface must look attractive and must reflect the students’ intentions to raise funds.


Since we are dealing with high students who have their own preferences and we have to ensure that we reach many people, the technology we choose must reflect the same. The social site should appeal to a large number of people across vast ages. In this case, a blog and a social site such as Facebook can be of great help. Blogs give their users a significant amount of control over their posts. They are also interactive and can reach many people. When blogs are combined with a social site, they are more effective. For this cause, the most appropriate social networks will be a blog used in combination with Facebook.

Horizon Report

According to John Medina, the brain cannot multitask rather it attends to tasks in a sequential manner. Medina states that the brain cannot function properly in an environment where it is being distracted. The digital format of eBooks means that they contain graphical images and pictures. They can be read by the use of an electronic device such as a computer, tablet or a smart-phone. The use of E-books in reading will slow down the function of the brain and pose a distraction to the reader hence impairing their concentration.

E-books are developed with some amount of graphic detail. The multimedia features contained in E-books can pose a distraction to the reader. The concentration of the reader will be affected by the graphical images. The reader may not easily comprehend what they are reading, and the function of the brain will be slowed down by the frequent interruption caused by the graphics. Thus, eBooks will not provide effective readership to readers, and they may end-up making many errors in their work.

To make eBooks easier to comprehend, they should be created with less graphic detail. This will reduce the amount of distraction they pose to the reader and hence the amount of energy the brain has to use to process the information. An eBook with minimal multimedia features will reduce the error-rate of a studying student. The rate at which a student commits errors while studying is higher when there is a lot of distraction. In their present condition, eBooks cause a lot of distraction and thus impede the effective functioning of the brain.


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