The Tell-Tale- Heart

Posted: August 5th, 2013


The Tell-Tale-Heart is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe was first published 1843. It is a story, which focuses on a murder most foul, which was committed by the narrator against an old defenseless man on claims that he had a “vulture eye” or an evil eye in simple terms. This is an indication of the presence of disparities between illusion and reality as the narrator who is the murderer, confesses to the murder of the old man on an illusion that he and the officers can hear the heart beat of the old man who is buried under the floorboards. Thus, his guilt over the heinous act of killing the old man catches up with him as he confesses and finds it impossible to concentrate (Poe 7). This story emphasizes the need to exercise care and compassion, words those in society who are challenged either physically, mentally and those in frail health; thus as a society we are responsible for the care of those who are entrusted upon us for care.


In conclusion, the story is a moral story, which captures the thinking of how society treats people who are considered frail either in health, finances, disabled or challenged. From such a perspective, the audiences’ minds are provoked to divulge into thinking from a real perspective and to dwell not on illusions and mere dreaming. The narrator’s thinking got him into trouble and made him commit heinous acts against a man who had entrusted his wealth and care and upon him. Hence, the book tries to instill good moral character on those caring for others to avoid the paths of seeking self-gratification at the cost of others. In essence, it is all about consideration, and compassion towards those we care for and those who care for us and no taking advantage of their conditions or inabilities (Howarth 33).

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