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Describe God’s Immutability

Immutability is one of the characteristic natures attributed to God. It refers to his unyielding or unchanging nature. He cannot change both in his being and his will. This constant character is also brought out in his design and purpose therefore providing a guarantee of his faithfulness. In his guidance of this world, God remains true to his words. His immutability is significant in forming part of the hope with which we cling onto him. This also implies that our belief in God is made possible and stronger with time due to this particular attribute. This character is clearly brought out throughout the biblical scriptures. In Malachi 3:6, God emphasizes, “I the Lord do not change.”[1]

Part of what forms God’s being is that he is omnipotent and divine. The will of God is described as his sovereign control over everything that shall happen. This means that he knows what happens before it does but he can still control it to go in a contrary manner. It is evident that God does not change either his being or what he has willed or pre-ordained.

What does scripture mean when it speaks of god changing his mind?

According to the scripture, God has the ability to change his mind. This has been misunderstood by some who then think that this affects his nature of immutability. God is said to change his mind because of various factors such as our prayers and heeding to his call to repentance.[2] God has already made plans for all of us, meaning that he expects us to act in a certain way when placed in a particular situation. However, this plans are not static, they are dependent on a number of determinants.

An example is given of God’s testing of Abraham’s faith. Just before Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, God had already established him to be a faithful man. Despite his faithfulness, Abraham still did not exhibit full trust in God. Therefore the test he was given was to ascertain whether he trusted in God. Although God knew Abraham’s reaction, it was still not clear if he would pass the test. Another relevant example is that of King Hezekiah whom God was to punish but because of his prayers, the punishment was lifted, 2 Kings 20:1-6.[3]

How Is This Related To His Independence?

All this shows that God is independent. He makes his decisions in whatever manner he chooses with sovereignty. There is no other person or being that is greater and mightier than God is. This is also part of his immutable nature.

How Is God Related To And/Or Affected By His Creation?

The fact that God created us means that we all belong to him and are his servants. God sustains all of us for we are his creation. This is revealed through his purpose for all of us. He wants us to live in harmony and in total obedience to his word. Everything that we do affects him directly. Our sin forms the better part of our alienation if any from God. This is because by sinning, we are disobeying him and it causes him great sorrow. Scriptures suggest that God grieves for us whenever we sin.

Countless times, he has called us to repentance only for us not to go back into his fold. As human beings, we relate to God in a father and child manner. All the responsibilities our earthly fathers have, God also performs. He takes us into his bosom any time we are afflicted and comforts us, guiding us through our entire lives. All this is only if we let him, for he lets us choose our own paths and make our own choices.


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