Theory and Methodology

Posted: August 5th, 2013


            Social science deals with the study of society and human behavior. It seeks to understand human behavior and social patterns in relation to the historical, geographical, political, economical and social settings they belong. It therefore refers to fields outside the natural science. Social science however draws on observation and experimentation methods used in physical and natural science fields. These methods require a controlled environment for the investigation to succeed, a condition that is not possible for social institutions in the study of human behavior hence the social scientists subject the methods to frequent adaptation for them to be relevant to the society under study. The questions involved are frequently evolving with the evolution of the society as the social phenomenon changes. Therefore thinking in a social scientific way means thinking in a manner where observation and experimental ways applicable in the study of natural sciences can be adapted into the social setting to bring about understanding in the study of social sciences (Willer, 1967).



When it comes to the reliance of the social science on the scientific method, it differs from the reliance observed in the natural or physical science since the procedures differ and so do the reasoning behind the researches. Social science does not have to follow the scientific method strictly, as they are affected by the social setting and human behavior varies with locality and believes. However, scientific methods have a major impact on the social science perspective as they partly provide the discipline for the success of the research (Warren, 1967). They provide good analysis procedures so that data collected in the social perspective is correctly analyzed to give correct conclusions.

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