Thinking Map: Skillful Problem Solving

Posted: November 30th, 2013





Thinking Map: Skillful Problem Solving

Why is there a problem?

My co-worker has an utterly poor attitude towards execution of tasks delegated to him in his line of operation. This is an indication of his laziness. In addition, he also has a great level of disregard for personal safety in the execution of his tasks. Furthermore, he exercises inappropriate jokes in the workplace, offending employees.

What is the present situation?

My co-worker exhibits workplace misconduct, in that, he usually comes to work highly intoxicated. This makes him unaware of the dangers in the surrounding environment. He usually comes to work quite drunk, and is not productive in his line of work given that he cannot execute tasks delegated to him.
What purpose, interest or need makes it important now to improve on the present situation?

His safety is at risk given his present attitude towards the current risky work environment. In addition, he has little regard for individual space and privacy. Given his drunken state when he arrives at his venue of work, he lacks the zeal to work diligently or to be productive.
What is the problem?

The problem arises from my coworker’s lack of regard and respect for the work place environment, as well as his colleagues. He trespasses on other individuals’ feelings through offensive and invasive jokes, which he considers hilarious. In addition, he is a lazy individual. He piles uncompleted work resulting in overloading of tasks and duties for other employees. This has become a source of conflict in the specific field of operation with other employees being affected by his laziness. Furthermore, he does not actualize the use of safety measure and precautions in the execution of his tasks. This is a delicate issue since he endangers his life and the lives of other employees.
What are all of the possible solutions to the problem?

Numerous approaches can be assumed to solve these issues adequately. The first approach would be to assume a civilized perspective by talking to him directly about the matters beforehand. This is essential, as it would prevent the escalation of the conflict into a greater scale. This would lead to loss of employment, an unfortunate situation given that he has a family to support. In addition, an individual confrontation could be disastrous in that it would result in claims of invasion of privacy. He might also claim that I am obsessed with his life, thus affecting his productivity at work.

Another effective approach would be to inform the supervisors and the Operations Director through the Human Resource manager whose responsibility is to ensure that all the employees have their needs in the workplace catered for by the organization. This is the most effective means of ensuring that the misbehavior exhibited by the coworker is dealt with effectively. In addition, it would also ensure that the co-worker is reprimanded for his senseless and irresponsible actions, which endanger his life as well as the lives of others in the workplace. Hence, this approach is sufficient, as it would save his life as well as the lives of others in the entity. However, this approach should be assumed if the individual has failed in adhering to calls to cease his unwarranted behavior.

Another approach could be assumed through collective reprimanding of the co-worker by the employees affected as well as the family of the individual. This is paramount in letting him know that his individual actions affect numerous people in his life as well as those in the workplace. In addition, it would also enable all the employees to let the co-worker understand that his actions are affecting the workload of other employees. This is essential, in that, it would offer other employees a chance to highlight their opinions about the matter as his actions are endangering the lives of the entire employee population in the organization. Family also plays a significant role in reprimanding the individual for his vile actions in the work place. This is an essential phase because the individual is made knowledgeable of the effects of his actions in the workplace, which might be straining his relations with his loved ones.

From the identified options, the best option would be to assume several approaches. The initial approach would be to reprimand the individual from an individual basis. This would be a delicate approach because it has the potency to result into a full-blown conflict. In addition, if this first approach were to fail, then we would assume a collective approach with other colleagues. This is essential in that all the employees involved would act as witnesses in reprimanding him for his irresponsible actions in the organization. Furthermore, it would provide him with an opportunity to rectify his character and assume responsibility in his line of duty. In addition, part of his family could be approached to talk with him about his actions.

However if such an approach proved to be insufficient in preventing his irresponsible behavior there would be need to take such matters to the higher authority in the organization. This would be coupled with the presence of concrete evidence to back up the allegations of irresponsibility within the organization. Such evidence could include testimonies from other employees involved in efforts to reprimand the co-worker for his undue behavior.

Furthermore, this would include notification of the human resource manager of the events leading up to reporting of the incidences. This could prove to be a challenge as the authorities would ask of why such action was not initiated as soon as the individual committed such actions. In addition, management could also be protective of the individual if there is the presence of a godfather looking out for the interest of the co-worker. Hence, such would prove the efforts of reporting the matter as futile. In essence, this could result in loss of employment or suspension of an individual leading to hostilities with the individuals and others involved.

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