Tiubuta: The Black Witch of salem

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Tiubuta: The Black Witch of Salem

Topic one

The other topic I decided to include in my discussion involves irony in Tituba, Black Witch of Salem. I found it ironic that some men, Yao and Benjamin Cohen in particular do not play into the misogyny or patriarchy as put by the book. The book illustrates these men to play a seemingly feminine role. Yao displays care and nurture to Tituba as well as teaching Abena how to carry out a motherly role. Additionally, Yao displays this affection to Tituba in her first interactions with men (Swaab, 27). On the other hand, compared to other men, Benjamin plays the role of a caring and compassionate character. For example in page 133, “Benjamin insisted on sleeping next to me so he could take care of my wounds”.


From Conde’s perspective, this book is an expression of issues in present day America. Though it may difficult to delineate the irony in the book, Conde seemingly sets her book to locate the humor and parody in the tragic story surrounding Tituba (Swaab, 57). Conde is concerned with emphasizing the irony surrounding Tituba and the actual trial texts illustrating her presence in Salem. She also sheds light on ironic academic capabilities associated with Tituba. Conde’s use of Irony and Parody pose a continuous intersection with her desire of exposing the past’s truth.


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