Topic for Journal

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Topic for Journal

            As said, a person’s career is not made up of just the education and experience a person has in the field, but also character traits that make one an exceptional individual for the career. There are character traits that fit each job better, and knowing ones character traits is a step closer to realizing what career would best fit you. When it comes to community and child studies career, it is important to note that it requires devoting one’s services for the better of the community and the children. Before deciding on taking this cause to be my career, I considered my mission and vision in life. My mission is to help the community live well, and my vision is a community living in harmony and in good health. Characters that make me an exceptional individual for this career are patience, diligence, gentle, encouraging and courageous.

There have been several occasions in my life when my patience has come in handy to help in helping others. One of my biggest situations that have required patience is taking care of a friend who was sick for about two years. During this time, I had to take care of his needs, including helping him with getting out of bed to the washroom, and even going with him on a wheel chair wherever I went since I could not live him alone. His family lived far, and only came to see him few times a month. It required patience to reduce my anxiousness and feel come. I realized that patience does build calmness. With this character trait, I believe I will help many children since it require patience to teach them something. Handling children requires a lot of patience.

I do believe that I am a very diligent person, from my work in previous institutions such as high school. In one instance, I remember our teacher fell ill, and we were required to work so hard on our own. During this period, I had a project, which had already delayed and I required help, which was scarce. However, I worked even on weekends to finish the project on time. At the same time, I was required to study for my tests, which I had to pass. I sacrificed all my free and leisure time for the project and revising for the test, which I passed. After high school, I have engaged in some community work within my neighborhood within other youths. I realized that community service requires a lot of diligence, especially considering that there might be no pay for it. More, to make impact to a community, hard work is necessary, considering it is the mother of good fortune.

Gentleness is the ability to show tenderness to other people’s needs, especially for children who need tender love from the adults. When it comes to treating others, I ensure I am very considerate especially when conflict arises. I have seen many people engage in rough ways of handling conflicts when they arise, especially when none of the parties is willing to listen to others. I believe that in every case, there are two sides that have to be there to solve it. In treating others, I ensure to treat them, as I would love to be treated. When it comes to children, who might not have a lot of understanding, I handle them gently, talk to them gently and consider all that they say. Handling children requires gentleness considering gentleness is exercised by the strong hand on the weaker one, since the weaker cannot hurt the strong ones. This requires us to be gentle on other people’s weaknesses, and help them gently.

In all our endeavors as human beings, it feels good when another person commends our work. Everybody in life loves being encouraged in whatever one is doing. This boosts our efforts to push on, even when we are near giving up. For kids to work harder with enthusiasm, they require encouragement to it, and to be commended on any progress they make. In life, several occasions have made me realize that one f the best ways of encouraging people is showing interest to their life. One day when I thought that no body cared about me, I felt so discouraged until when a friend was interested in what I was doing. This made me feel better, and have a reason to continue since somebody will be there to see my work and commend me. Whenever a person is in need of my help, I take interest in what they are doing and lend them a hand as well as encouraging words such as saying thank you, commending their work and even rewarding when I can.  I seek to understand other people’s problems, and knowing what they need in order to encourage them.

In life, everybody has dreams, ambitions and many things they would love to do. However, very few are able to do what it takes to earn whatever it is they aspire to have. What lacks in many people is the courage to stand and do what they aspire in life. So many are afraid of what others have to say, and forget that one day they might regret. I live with the belief that it is better to regret what you did, than what you did not do, which you could have done. In life, I learnt to take courage when I was young after we were punished as a group of boys, after following the idea of one person. I learnt to say no when it is necessary and the right thing to do, without caring what consequences follow. When I feel something is wrong about an idea, I do not keep it inside of me. I prefer stating it so others will know my mind, and assess the reasons. I stand for honesty even when it is hard to. One instance I showed courage was when I thought the principle in high school was wrong about punishing another student. I stood and said no him, telling him it was not fair at all. With community and child studies, it requires courage to handle issues from the community and children. Some decisions, especially ones that affect community require courage even if it means hatred from people for taking the right decision. Children too need a role model to show them how to make the right decisions in life through their courage. What I find necessary to be done, a prefer dong it under all circumstances, so that I will never regret for not doing.

I believe that with these characters I am an exceptional individual in this career, which I intend to pursue with diligence and passion. It is my mission to help the community in its developments and endeavors. Seeing success that other people find pleasure to relate to makes me feels good, but being part of the success would make me proud, since I shall have achieved my mission of serving the community.

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