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A satisfied life


A satisfied life



          Gefriedenland is an upcoming civilization that promises reprieve from the dystopic chaos in today’s western world. Discover your full potential in serene environment.

Develop your inner self











equip individuals with the skills necessary to develop their innate ones.


Gefriedenland seeks to be pacifist in dealings among inhabitants as well as with neighbors. There are better ways of dealing with conflict other that taking up arms against others. This is not to imply that attacks will be tolerated. If need arises, the island’s inhabitants are capable of defending themselves. A pacifist stance should not be taken as a sign of weakness.


Gefriedenland is secular in terms of religious affiliations. Respect and tolerance are the most important qualities sought of all inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants do not care to be tied to the affiliations of the major world religions. All the same, persons affiliated to any religious group are welcome as long as they respect the views of others.


Food production is based on natural plants and seeds independent of the genetically modified foods that have previously ailed our former nation. The methods employed seek to produce food that is closely aligned to what nature intended it to be.

Cities and Government

The principle governing the occupants of Gefriedenland states that the people are capable of governing their own actions. Any decisions to be made are based on reason and logic. There are no central governing bodies in Gefriedenland.


Gefriedenland is open to economic activities that improve the life of the partaker, as well as those on the island. Self-sustenance is imperative to independence from foreign influence. Laissez-faire capitalism is the form of economy practiced on the island. Inhabitants have a rightful claim to their own work and the fruits that proceed from it.

The island boasts of an array of professional in different fields. Inhabitants are encouraged to be as fruitful as possible in the different fields they are in. innovation and research is encouraged and practiced by the island’s inhabitants.


The education system used on the island is entirely based on the student. Tailor-made courses suit the needs and aptitudes of the particular system. There is a great emphasis placed on the student and the belief held is that the education imparted should be helpful to the student. The goal of this style is to


 The ultimate escape from the harsh, unrelenting world that has become of our beloved nation is here. Our peaceful existence is mired by conflict that interferes with the inner peace and tranquility that our souls seek. Look no further for the long-awaited dream has become reality.

Geography and History

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Gefriedenland is a manmade island that enjoys a tropical climate. With an area of approximately 600,000 squared kilometers, it is the biggest manmade island in existence. It was created from early 2009 and completed in 2011, complete with an extensive ecosystem recreated to adhere to the tenets of the neighboring regions.

The flora found on the island is consistent with any island within that temperate zone. The wildlife on the island is essential to the sustenance of the ecosystem, and consequently of the inhabitants. The highlands found in the central region have implications as far as weather patterns on the island as do the beaches and plains.

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