Trends in Computer Technology

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Trends in Computer Technology

Which Type of Overlay Network Performs Better for Multimedia Distribution and Information Sharing?

In order to assess the performance of network topologies, it is important to account for three networks: Facebook, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Ring networks. The problems addressed involve the performance of the overlay networks of the three topologies in information and multimedia sharing and distribution. In order to solve the problem, simulation and experimentation was adapted using the Network Simulator 2 (Ns-2). This would enable for the representation of user connections in Facebook and the download phases in P2P networks and ring networks. Implementation of the simulation required integration of 1031 user connections of Facebook from the trace files. The other networks comprised 975 connections each. Additionally, experimentation involved information transfer, video streaming with a fixed size (10 MB) and video streaming with variable size. Through the experimentation, the paper avails novel; knowledge regarding the use of network topologies in overlay networks in information sharing and distribution. Through the paper, social networks, which are the common modes of interaction presently, have been discovered to be the appropriate networks for multimedia sharing.

Different Facets of Security in the Cloud

The problems that are addressed involve the security challenges posed by cloud computing which have not been extensively scrutinized. These security challenges are confidentiality, security policies, change of the service, trust and trust domains. The mechanism proposed for the security challenges require the combination of the cloud computing application with a computing platform. Since there are various security risks affecting cloud computing, various security platforms should be implemented. Implementation requires knowledge on the different cloud computing models: public, community, private, hybrid and virtual private clouds. Moreover, implementation involves implementing physical security measures such as backups, server locations and firewalls. Thus privacy protection audit systems should be implemented to ensure data security in cloud computing. Research on cloud computing enlightens the advantages and challenges affecting the application. The different models of cloud computing is a factor that is unknown among many people and hence, providing knowledge on such models is beneficial. Cloud computing is still in its growth stage. In addition, little research has been done on cloud computing which is attributed to the rapid change in technology.

Using Cloud Computing for Medical Applications

In this case, the problem presented involves the possible use of cloud computing to allow for medical applications. The solution involves the creation of a medical application that uses wireless facilities such as Bluetooth and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) networks. The proposed mechanisms provided for the possibility of using the Cloud are represented by a model for the applications. The model, comprised of four nodes, utilizes the nodes for the implementation of a medical mobile and wireless application. The first node is a sensor that supports limited communication in order to examine specific body biological data. Node 2 supports data buffering and unlimited communication. Node 3 is an unlimited communication and storage server while the fourth node supports remote monitoring of the object. The system is therefore able to factor in medical data types by supporting total mobility of monitoring biological tissues. The article proves that cloud computing can be used for medical applications which is an innovation that has never been considered. However, it is important to ensure that reliability of data and performance during the transmission of data for different medical data types is addressed.


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