Understand Phase of Business Process Management

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Understand Phase of Business Process Management

Overview of the Understand Phase of Business Process Management. 

            The understand phase aids in providing understanding of the business process to the project team members. When this understanding is gained, the business is able to commence to the innovative phase. During this phase, the project team members should understand the business goals. This phase authorizes the current process certainty in the organization. It also specifies the improvement priorities required in the project. It helps determine project changes where needed. The project team and the business should focus only on understanding the process. Documenting the process in complex details is not necessary. The project team members only need to understand and document the process. This process gives the business results such as, measurement and documentation of the current and actual performance level and many others.


Implication of the outputs in Understand Phase to other phases in the BPM model

People in the organization should be updated on the project, its objectives and scope. This communication should continue through out the other phases in the entire project. This is due to the changes made in the project scope and plans. This ensures the success of the project. The implementation phase should be considered during the understand phase since it provides options on implementation. This enables great selection for the correct implementation to be applied in the project. This phase is developed during the understand phase of the project. It usually causes high investments at the beginning but once implemented, it provides great results. This provides great guidance for the other phases and steps in the framework and the continuation of the project (Hlupic, 2003).

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