Understanding Job Analysis

Posted: November 26th, 2013

Understanding Job Analysis

1          Locating of the occupational information from the O*NET website was quite simple. After entering the title of the occupation in the search box and clicking on the go button, the search results gave me vast combinations. The occupation that I searched for was accounting and the results obtained had one hundred and thirty eight hits. The most relevant however was the second hit named “Accountants”. The information contained after opening the tab was quite extensive and comprehensive. The information provided was a summary of all the requirements that a successful person pursuing an accounting career was required to have. The information included information about the tasks that an accountant performs like the preparation and analysis of accounting records, financial statements and reports, the assessment of the accuracy, conformance and completeness together with the adherence to set accounting standards.

The next piece of information provided was information on the tools and technology required for a successful accounting career. The information includes the computers required and the different software required for the effective performance of different accounting tasks. The next information is on the knowledge an accountant should have to be proficient in the field. The knowledge includes economics and accounting, mathematics and the English language, just but to name a few. The skill required is the next heading on the summary report for accountant requirements. The skills include active listening, comprehension reading, writing, and critical thinking, to name a few. Abilities are also listed in the page and they include some abilities like proper mathematical reasoning, oral expression and deductive reasoning. Other listed fields include work activities performed by accountants, work content, job zones that accountants could work in, level of education required, interests, work styles, work values, related occupations and the wage trends in a national scope.

2          After a careful completion of the skills form, the results obtained after pressing the go button have seventy-nine occupations that my skills fit into. They include some occupations like chief executive officer, social and community manager together with the lodging manager. Some of the occupations suggested fit into my preferred field. These include some occupations like treasurers and financial controllers, financial managers and financial examiners. These occupations fall under the accounting field, which is my preferred occupation. However, most of the occupations listed as fitting my skills were once in my line of interest and some in my plans. One of them is the chief executive occupation, which I plan to achieve after a successful performance in my career as an accountant.

Other occupations suggested by O*NET as fitting my skills were not in line with the occupation that I am preparing for. These include occupations like nuclear medicine physician, preventive medicine physician, hospitalist, clergy, medical and health services manager and lodging manager, to name a few. The occupations are in line with medical studies and the medical profession. Others like the hospitalist and the lodging manager are in the hospitalist and humanities educational field. The clergy was also an occupation fitting my skills and I found it captivating since it fits in the theology line of studies.

3          The O*NET could be quite useful in the conducting of a job analysis. This is because the information contained in the website can be helpful in the description and recording of aspects of different jobs and occupations together with specifying the skills and requirements necessary for the performance of the job. The processes involved in a job analysis include the collection, review, analysis and verification of job activities, working conditions, employee behaviors, human traits, and abilities required for the performance of the job. All this information is contained in the website therefore making the process a less tiring one. This is because all the information can be found at one place.

The website can be used by job analysts from organizations since they can use the ratings and the standardized summary reports for the tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zones, education, interests, work styles and values listed in the site. If asked to conduct the analysis, I would use the information in the website to compare the results of the actual analysis from the company being analyzed. This shall assist me in the delivery of the results. The results from a job analysis are important in the hiring of the right and quality workforce in an organization. This is done by having a documented copy of the requirements of a job and the work performed in the occupation.

4.         As a director of human resources in a firm, I would recommend the staff of my organization to use the information from the website. This is because the staff shall become aware of the requirements of the jobs they are performing and the work they are supposed to perform. This shall help them set achievement standards for themselves and it shall assist me in the creation of standards for the staff to meet. The use of the website by the staff shall also help in the improvement of the job. This is because the domain of a job is defined, the jobs are described, performance appraisals are developed, the systems are selected and promotion criteria are developed. After the careful scrutiny of this information, the staff shall be fully aware of what they are required to do in the organization, what shall earn them a promotion, a reward, a punishment or a demotion.

The information contained in the site might also be useful to the staff since they can use it to acquire information on what is required for the advancement of their careers. This helps them to advance their careers by meeting the required criteria and knowing what to expect once they enter the job market. The site however addresses the wages for every occupation. This is criteria would cause friction for the human resource management. This is because most organizations have not met the required wage requirements according to the site. When such information is acquired by the staff, they might raise complains and strikes. This becomes dangerous since not all organizations have the ability to pay according to set standards. This is one reason why staff should not access the O*NET site.

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