United States’ national interest

Posted: October 17th, 2013





United States’ national interest

The main national interest of the United States is to ensure the security and safety of the United States and its population in the United States as well as in foreign countries. The national interests of the United States are aimed at ensuring the prevention and determent for potential nuclear and biological threats as well as possible threats from chemical weapons, which could be used to attack the United States, its forces in foreign countries. The United States considers it essential to ensure that the country gives support to its allies responsible for cooperating with the United States in providing a good environment for growth.

The security of the country and its citizens are considered as the utmost priority for the government. This is attained through the establishment of allies around the world to ensure communication of any potential threats to the country and its citizens in the United States, as well as citizens without the United States. Allies are considered as important assets to the country in terms the fight against terrorism and other forms of external aggression.

The security of the country could be enhanced by the establishment of productive relations with countries, which could be considered as adversaries to the United States. Relations with potential adversaries who are considered hostile are essential as it enables the country to reduce the hostilities between the United States and the adversaries. This also provides the government with the ability to monitor any situation, which has the potency to escalate to full blown conflict. This also provides the country with the much-needed control in terms of intelligence needed to ensure that the country counters any form of insurgency.

In conclusion, the country aims to ensure that the security and sovereignty of the American people is protected and respected. Hence, this is to be protected by the government at any given extent to ensure safety and security of the United States.


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