Use of Analogies

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Use of Analogies

It is truly amazing how the week usually shifts from boring to ecstatic and then back to boring again. Fortunately, I am not the only one stuck between these vicious never-ending cycles. I think most people would agree with me that Mondays are indeed the most hated and worst days of the week. Personally, every Monday, I wake up melancholic, irate and demented like a police detective, at the earsplitting sound of the morning alarm, unfazed at the splendor of a new day, because to me, there is nothing special about the day, just criminals to apprehend.

In my opinion, Tuesdays are not entirely different from Mondays, with the only difference being in their Latin-derived names. To make the similarity more profound, the difference between the two days is like that of a pilot and the captain of a ship. Both have cabin crews, bear complete responsibility of their passengers, both dress in uniform (which I usually mistake) and their ‘vessels’ have cockpits. Particularly, Tuesdays have always been unlucky for me. Either it rains on this day or I forget my passenger fee at my abode.

Wednesdays mark the beginning of the fun part of the week; however, I leave that title solely to Fridays. To me, Wednesday is as uneventful as a civil servant’s job. The same routine repeatedly coupled with lots of nostalgic moments preferably termed as ‘hangovers’, and a harsh sun directing its pains at our foreheads for having risen to such a dreary day. Reading this will make you understand why I do not like this day. At least Wednesdays give us a slight foretaste of the following days, just like the way lecturers give us an idea on how the exams are going to be, but as always, exams will always be an unpleasant surprise to us.

Thursdays are splendid days; maybe it is because most of my birthdays fall on this day. I am usually ecstatic and hyperactive on this day like a child intoxicated on sweets. It is an important day to most people because it characterizes the end of the week. Thursdays have also been nicknamed, ‘the New Fridays’, because both days are synonymous to each other. I usually confuse them with Fridays, like the way I never understand the work criterion of a doctor and a pharmacist. Both perform check ups, treat you as patients, recommend and prescribe medicines. On Thursdays, I feel like an author, deeply engrossed in finishing my book and still waiting anxiously for the day to end, so that I can take part in the night’s revelries to celebrate the end of the week and start of the day called Friday.

The word, ‘Friday’ has a psychological effect on everyone. Walk about in the streets on that day and you will see people walking majestically, donned in new and flamboyant clothes, like its Christmas. There will never be any other day like Friday. Even the famed actor cum producer, Ice Cube, created and directed three movies called Friday and based them on that day. If I were to make my own week like the way a sculptor creates his own sculptures, I would remove all the other days and leave Friday or name all the other days Fridays (though I do not think that would change anything). Given the chance, I would unquestionably change the week to my own preferences and designs like the way sculptors take pride in molding what they want according to their own specifications.



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