Using the internet and social networking cites to promote a business

Posted: September 3rd, 2013









Using the internet and social networking cites to promote a business






Using the internet and social networking cites to promote a business

The internet is described as an interconnection of networks from all over the globe. The internet came into existence in the year 1974 but access was limited due to the high costs of maintenance were higher and thus were passed to the consumers of the internet. The internet over time has grown to unimaginable magnitudes rapidly over the past two decades (Gates & Hemingway, 1999).

The internet has now become a means of life for some who would find life as difficult without the existence of the internet. The internet is currently one of the most vital assets to any business with a presence online because of the numerous numbers of people who use the internet on a daily basis to conduct business, to communicate with friends, colleagues, loved ones and clients. These diverse groups of people pose a good source of revenue for any company seeking to expand and solidify its presence it a certain market (Salam & Stevens, 2007). The growth of the internet has led to the presence of social networks. Social networks offer people a platform to communicate and share ideas. In the current times, the social networks have attracted people of all origins and ages providing companies with access to larger markets for their goods and services than before the internet came into existence (Gates & Hemingway, 1999).

A business can use the social networks to grow by establishing presence in the internet, which can enable clients both large and small to access contacts for making purchases. In addition, a business can grow in the internet by embarking on marketing campaigns that enable people to understand the goods or services that it deals with. Hence, when a business advertises its goods or services on the internet it increases the possibility of success due to the large number of potential clients in the internet. Social networks have numerous users who frequent these sites regularly. Thus, it would be a wise business sense for a business to seek clients in these social sites. Looking for clients in social sites can be a tricky yet effective affair. A business can either solicit for customers by seeking permission form the site to contact potential customers for the services or goods that a company is seeking to sell to this potential customer. In addition, a company can learn through the internet about successful companies dealing in identical products or services by observing their marketing strategies and their reason for success. Moreover, a company can use the internet to do market research into development of new products by conducting online surveys about how such a product would be received by consumers in a specific demographic market.

The internet opens a new door of possibilities for a company. The internet can enable a company to reach new heights by targeting international markets by providing distinct products that meet preferences of such demographic markets. The internet can enable a business to adopt new employment tactics such as sourcing for employee via the internet to reduce the bother brought about by handling of paper-based applications. Sourcing of employees via the internet enables the company to get potential employees who are proficient in the use of the internet and computer based applications in a world that demands proficiency in the use of the computer, which has become a vital gadget in this age and time. Moreover, the presence of the internet and social media has enabled business to procure goods and configure logistics issues affecting them. Such aspects enable a business to reduce costs that would have been used for logistics and communication purposes via manual means (Salam & Stevens, 2007).

In conclusion, the use of the internet and the social internets has become an intertwined thus the use of the internet implies that an individual is proficient in using social networks. Social networks and the internet have enabled businesses to grow into empires without even the need to have offices as most of the work is done via the internet (Salam & Stevens, 2007).


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