Vallarta and Trader Joe’s

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Vallarta and Trader Joe’s

Organic foods are produced naturally. Their production does not involve the use of synthetic pesticides or even chemical fertilizers. This makes organic foods healthy and favorable for human consumption, unlike junk food, which includes preservatives and other chemical fertilizers to make the food last longer. This paper will discuss the similarities and differences between Trader Joe’s and Vallarta, because (both markets sell different types of food that is, Trader Joe’s grabs the upper class of people because it is smaller and fancier while Vallarta is unknown but has a spacious and simple building structure and that makes it more popular for lower class people).

As previously stated, the two grocery shops have different target audiences. This is noticeable because of the pricing of the items in the two stores, their locations and the general outlook of the stores in question. Vallarta targets the middle class people in the United States of America. This has been decided based on the prices of the various items in the store. The prices are lower compared to their counterparts, Trader Joe’s. The general outlook of the store also provides an idea of the people who shop in it. Vallarta is a simple store; the building is not complicated or fancy. It has several racks, which hold the items on sale. Simple boards distinguish the different departments in the supermarket.

The lack of top of the range interior design does not mean that the store is not satisfactory. It offers a wide range of produce especially for the Hispanic population living in the United States of America. Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Vallarta. It is located in large buildings, in most of its locations. The interiors of all the branches of the store are similar and exquisite. A typical store is brightly lit with ample space for shoppers to move about with their trolleys. The racks of items are well designed and are spread out all over the rooms. The location and pricing of some of the items in this store indicates that it targets the upper end consumers in the States.

Vallarta is preferred by most of the Hispanic people in America since it stocks some items that other stores often lack. The items include various ingredients to several Spanish dishes. The availability of these items makes it extremely appealing to the Hispanic population, whether they belong to the middle class or upper classes. Since Trader Joe’s lacks the ingredients in question, it is not considered a favorite of many people of Hispanic origin. For this reason, the Hispanic consumers who shop in Vallarta are more than the ones who shop in Trader Joe’s for this simple fact. Availability of diverse products is, therefore, an important factor that shoppers consider before they select a store where they will shop.

Employee characteristics also influence greatly the success of the business in question. This is because the way the employees treat and serve the customers may determine how often they will shop in the store. In several cases if the treatment is good they may even, refer their friends to the store. This will be extremely beneficial for the business since their sales will increase significantly. Poor treatment, on the other hand, will result in the deterioration of the business and in some cases it may even close down. In Vallarta, the number of employees is minimal since it is more of a self-service store. The employees are limited to the tills and to cleaning and arranging their items in the racks.

Employees to help the customers as they shop are not many, and this is a downfall on their part. This is because, customers sometimes require some help when shopping especially in the case of the items that they are not accustomed. The presence of such employees ensures that the customers purchase exactly what they need. Trader Joe’s, in terms of employees is very different from Vallarta. The whole chain boasts of over ten thousand employees. They have such a large number of employees since they have more than 300 branches all over the country. The employees are well spread out in all the departments, and the store, there is always one ready to help the customers if need may arise. For this reason, the store offers a pleasant shopping experience and is appealing to several customers in the country.

The most significant difference between these two stores is the pricing. The prices of the items determine the people that will purchase them. The more expensive the items, the more luxurious the customers are expected to be, while the reverse is also true. Items in Vallarta are affordable, not too high, meaning that the clients who shop in this store are from the middle class. This is because the middle class people are able to purchase these items without any strain on their side, thus they are comfortable with the prices. Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, has rather high prices while compared to other similar businesses. Therefore, it is evident that the prices are aimed at the upper end consumers since they can comfortably afford the items on sale in the store.

Another considerable difference between these two stores is the general outlook that they portray. Vallarta is a simple store lacking fancy items and grandeur. Trader Joe’s is well decorated, brightly lit and fancy. This image that the stores present also play a role on the people who will shop in the place; whereby the middle class shop in Vallarta while the high end people prefer Trader Joe’s. The two stores have one thing in common; they deal in the sale of groceries. However, the specificities involved in the items and manner of sale are not similar. Vallarta has a large variety of items that most of the other stores do not sell. This makes it preferable to a large proportion of the population. The prices are another appealing factor to its customers since they offer reasonable prices.

The only problem the store has is that it has a limited number of employees. This affects the customers since they do not have any professional help as they go about shopping. The fact that it is simple does not seem to bother their loyal customers especially those from the Hispanic population. Trader Joe’s has several remarkable attributes. The presence of several employees in all the departments of the store has been crucial in their success. This is because they help the customers when they need help and this provides a good experience for the shoppers. The fancy and well-decorated interior of the store is also very appealing to several of the shoppers. This is because the store is beautifully decorated and well lit. The customers are intrigued by this, and they become loyal to the store.

The chain has many branches all over the country. This has made it popular since many people can identify with it. The lack of a variety in the store is a problem that they have. This is because they do not offer several products and customers are limited to few products. After the careful analysis of the pros and cons of the two stores in question, it is evident that they both have different strengths. For this reason, it depends on the customer to select the most appropriate one for his or her needs. This is because the population has different needs and this should influence their choices when it comes to the store. Nonetheless, the two stores are both profitable ventures, and they are important to the society since they provide essential commodities.

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