Waiting for her

Posted: November 26th, 2013





Waiting for her

I still yearn for more from you my friend.

Through the day and in the night I see you,

Walking besides me in this walk of life

Dreams and hopes fill my entire life

For every day, I think of you.

Memories we cannot erase

For good overcomes the evil,

We bare your marks of love,

The presence that many desire

In life, it is normal to part for periods,

However, it should not be forever for related people,

I promised that I would never leave you,

Forever I confess you are the reason.

This is why my life revolves around you,

Many days have been patiently waiting,

And I will never give up on you in all the days.

Through short interaction we shared,

You gave my life a new meaning.

Much expectation I did not fulfill,

But definitely, my best you acquired.

In the midst of challenges you stood for me,

You encouraged me and gave me hope,

What shall I do to show my gratitude?

I feel unworthy to express my anxiety.

Above all, I am waiting for you.

Many things have occurred since you went away,

My mother keeps on enquiring your whereabouts.

The choir is missing your beautiful voice,

The Christian union is still missing your word,

We need your presence at all the cost.

In the sunrise I will confess of your love,

The sunset will bring your presence.

Stars in the night align in your name,

Forever you dwell in us.

A lonely journey that I trend without vision,

Every thing that I own cries your name.

I am getting older as the days go by,

My weak soul require your awakening,

Draw me closer to you

I seek your comfort in my life.

Without you I feel weak and unworthy,

Take heed to bring back my worth.

Your presence is important for all not only in me,

I hearken my steps to meet you.

Your presence is welcomed in our lives,

Indeed this life is impossible without you,

Patiently I wait for you.

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