Ways to protect the environment

Posted: November 27th, 2013





Ways to protect the environment

             The environment is an important aspect since every living thing depends upon it for survival. There is a common phrase used by environmentalists the world over, which says that nature is unforgiving. The delicate balance of the entire eco-system is dependent on the state of the environment. Environmental negligence in the past has led to the disappearance and sudden extinction of entire species. This is dangerous because the changes involved in such a situation are irreversible. This calls upon both reactive and proactive measures to conserve the environment. Research indicates many ways in which the environment can be protected and conserved for the sake of future generations. These measures have to be all inclusive of both individuals and governments if they are to be effective. Unity and cooperation is the key in the change in habits and practices has to be made apriority. Although convenience is important, it however cannot take priority in the healing and maintenance of the delicate balance of nature.

Most of the ways used in protecting the environment are quite trivial and can be rehearsed by most in the society. These methods include the use of canvas bags instead of polythene bags when doing shopping. The main reason behind this is that most of the polythene bags are not properly disposed with most ending up in the fields. The plastic bags are classified as non-biodegradable meaning that they take a very long time to decompose. They may therefore end up choking up both the flora and fauna of the environment they end up. When they accumulate in a given area, they end up being an eyesore by destroying the aesthetic nature of that environment. To protect the environment, all glass, paper, metal and plastic waste material ought to be properly recycled. This ensures that they are reused and very few end up in the environment. Such small measures could achieve much if communities work together in inspiring entire societies. Local authorities could also be coerced into setting up efficient recycling programs for taking in more items.

Grassroots activism is an important part in the protection of the environment. From individuals to entire organizations, habits are deeply rooted and the idea of effecting change is not well appreciated. However, local governments and corporate organizations usually give in to organized pressure especially if the pressure is aimed for a good and worthy cause. Organized pressure from the communal level can be aimed at convincing on the cessation of using harmful chemicals or Styrofoam to the use of energy efficient bulbs and safe and renewable energy sources, a lot can be achieved by a concerted group effort.

Another way of protecting the environment is concentrating on cutting down. This is not necessarily trees but cutting down on trash. Research studies indicate the average household in industrialized nations produces close to one tone of waste products in one year. All this waste is usually dumped in landfills. When this is compiled with waste products from restaurants offices and industries, the compounded degradation to the environment is catastrophic. The first step into curtailing this habit is to have a visual picture of the amount of waste one is producing. This will ultimately lead one into purchasing foods that have less packaging, use of cup and jars in taking refreshments such as juice as opposed to un-recyclable packets and the use of biodegradable packaging material.

Another method of protecting the environment is through the avoidance of meat and meat products especially from cattle. This way has the coupled benefit if even the direct protection of ones health. The increasing demand for meat leads to more tracts of Amazon land being cleared to provide land for cattle grazing. When a sizable number of the community goes vegetarian, much of the Amazon will definitely end up saved. These measures would involve purchasing of locally grown organic fare such as lamb or pork when in need of animal protein.

Another method of protecting the environment is through getting involved. Leaving environmental protection measures to environmental organization is a rabid left-wing ideology. Most of the reasonable citizens who are passionate about the safe and healthy treatment of the environment end up doing nothing to initiate such and leave the necessary efforts to environmental groups. When individuals donate both time and money for the protection of the environment, the amount may be small but when this is accumulated, it brings about substantial changes. One can start by allying with a local environmental group and participate in the various activities aimed at protecting the environment.



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