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Posted: August 7th, 2013

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Web page

What makes your business better than your competitors do?

At Fantasy World Company, the firm strives to fill a void within the marketplace that has not been covered by other similar competitors. The first main distinction in the services at Fantasy World and other sites is the high level of confidentiality. Clients are advised from the initial contact to sign contracts that hide their identity. While engaging in the provision of any services, the patrons are also awarded aliases that protect their reputation. Fantasy World also has installed sophisticated equipment including switchboards and dispatchers who can handle more clients with ease and efficiency. Fantasy World has also employed highly skilled staff from Harvard and Yale to manage all the departments such as advertising, marketing and finance.

Fantasy World gives clients the option of determining their services to the extent that their needs are met. The company offers services for homosexuals, lesbians, straight and heterosexual clients. The services are also graded according to the girl selected with prices ranging from $10 for 30-minute calls to $500 for 24-hour services. Fantasy World also has interactive platforms that link up clients with the girls via VoIP or a phone call that ensures online clients are served in the same way. Fantasy World also offers various promotions and offers that allow the client to have a face-to-face meeting with the exotic phone sex girls. The marketing approach for Fantasy World also sets the company above the rest. Instead of using annoying spam mail and irritating pop-ups on the Internet, the company has invested in  providing elaborate details on their website, which makes it abundantly professional, organized and more likely to attract clients.

Welcome Information 

            Fantasy World provides the best services in the phone sex industry that makes it unique from other businesses. The company offers some of the lowest rates and has multiple billing options that include credit cards, cash receipts and monthly subscriptions. The Fantasy World website is also developed such that online indicators show when any of the service providers are ready to engage with the clients. The company has also invested in intense selection processes to ensure that the girls who satisfy the clients are experienced and skilled. The girls working at Fantasy World have been selected from different countries across the world, and this exotic aspect will intrigue and attract different clients.

About Us

Fantasy World Company was developed in 2002 as one of the online phone sex companies in New York. The company has its head offices in Alabama, Genesee County. The founder of the company, Mr. John Birchwood, had the vision of being able to help physically disabled people to deal with their sexual demands. In the first five years, Fantasy World only provided phone sex services for 12 hours a day within Alabama. In 2008, the company expanded its online presence to include clients from all over the world. Over ten years, Fantasy World has expanded to include seven regional offices in all the continents of the world.

The most productive branch is situated in Amsterdam that accounts for about 35% of the total revenue. Globally, the Fantasy World Company operates in a relatively competition-free environment. The main competitors of the company are Erotica and Lovely Dreams limited. The profit margin of the company has risen from $500,000 in 2003 to $22,000,000 in 2011 that indicates a growth in the income margins. Fantasy World is currently working on a project to develop a video chat system that will allow clients to have visual contact with the girl. This project aims at improving the quality of service.


  • I cannot access the proper payment procedure to gain access to monthly subscription for non-American clients.
  • Is it true that a client can have the choice of girls from any part of the world to have phone sex?
  • How secure is the identity of the client using the phone sex services?
  • Can I get any discount if I maintain a steady trend of subscribing to the services offered by Fantasy World?
  • Apart from phone sex, what other kinds of services does Fantasy World offer?


`           Fantasy World offers many different services according to the needs f the client. The most commonly accessed service is phone sex that is offered 24 hours to all clients who can access the Internet. Clients can access the services from the girls starting from $3 to $1,200 depending on the girls selected for the phone sex. These are the only payments made and the rest of the charges depend on how long a client spends on the phone lines. The company also maintains regular databases for clients who demand specific girls. By choosing any of the services at Fantasy World, the client should expect confidentiality as well as satisfaction congruent to what they paid for.


Fantasy World also sells sex aids sex toys and other accessories to satisfy sexual needs. The sex aids and accessories are manufactured from refined plastics, rubber, leather and other metals. The choices of sex aids range between electronic and manual products. The price for vibrators ranges from $3 for manual types to $200 for electronic types. The penile toys are more expensive and start from $10.

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