Website Marketing

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Website Marketing

            Currently, almost all businesses including the smallest own a website since many view the internet as the way to do business in the modern time. This is true. However, considering the ease of opening up a website, which can be done in a short time, there are too many websites for people to look at. Thus, the probability of someone visiting the website is not guaranteed. Therefore, website marketing is very important. Unfortunately, marketing a website is one of the harder things to do, but to drive traffic to it one has to market their websites. Therefore, marketing a website becomes yet another challenge to deal with. However, there are several ways of marketing a website.

One of the ways I would market my website is through search engine optimization that gives users a chance to search for more information through the same site. This allows users to stay a little longer in the site and gets to know more about the website. In addition, I would put my website in other search engines that are regularly visited, so that as users search for information on products that I am selling they can find my website in the search engines. This is one of the effective ways of marketing a website considering many people look for information on goods they wish to find out about. For instance, considering my website is about my business and its products that are hand bags, using words such as elegant handbags as a title within my website would ensure that all those who Google these words will see my website.

The other step towards marketing my website would be registering it with one of the search engines to ensure my websites is among the first to appear in the search engines after consumers search for products that are related to mine. Without registration, it might be hard to see the website in the search engines. In this case, I would register my website with Google and Bing, which are among the most used search engines worldwide. For instance, searching for elegant handbags in Google will probably show my website. To know the best terms to use, it would be worth to know the words related to handbags that are most searched. For instance, if the word classic handbag were searched more, then I would use it to appear as title in order to attract all those who search for classic handbags.

The third step I would use in marketing my website is advertising in the E-Zines, which is one of the most effective means of marketing a website. In addition, it is quite cost effective considering that advertisements could go for as low as $ 100 to even $10, yet they are quite effective in driving traffic to the websites. The other step would be article marketing where I could have popular websites include information about my business. With these steps, I would rest assured that my website has a chance of driving traffic to it.

My website would be called after my business, which I would be advertising in the website. In addition, the domain name of the website would still be the same as my business name, so that customers have an easy time locating my website. This is because using a different name would lead the customer to another website, which could probably be a competitor website. For instance, if the name of my business was ‘Classic Handbags and my domain was something else like modern, then customers recalling the name f my business will type in the wards but end up else where since my domain name differs. Therefore, since my business is women handbag shop, I would call the website the name Classic Handbags, while the domain name would be classichandbags.ogr, so that customers will not miss my website. The reason I would call the website the same name with my business is because I am advertising the business, and the information provided in the website will be on the business.

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