Wedding venues

Posted: September 6th, 2013





Wedding venues

            The three appropriate venues for wedding are Belhurst, Queensbury and Manhattan bureau all in New York. Since the wedding will have a Hindu theme, the best venue is Queensbury hotel. The hotel has a spacious hall for hosting weddings. The hall is also well garnished with bright colors and architectural designs. It is well lit with colored lights that create an exciting celebratory mood. The hall has adequate space for holding guests and adding décor. This venue is suitable for the vow ceremony as well as the reception. The hotel management provides the seats for all the necessary guests. Where seats are not necessary, they provide the necessary materials.

Queensbury Hotel



Manhattan Marriage Bureau


The venue is available for weddings but couples need to book in advance. This hotel is quite popular and is usually overbooked since it is a favorite for most couples wishing to get married. Therefore, confirmation is required for use of the hall. Booking helps the hotel management to prepare in advance and they brief the couple on any requirements. For example, the couple needs to give an estimation of the number of guests expected. This will allow the catering department to prepare food and drinks adequately. The cost of hiring this hall is relatively affordable. The actual amount of money differs from one wedding to another. This is due to the different arrangements and requirements.

This venue gives liberty of using outside décor for weddings. Couples are allowed to bring in any kind of decoration they see applicable in the hall. The management offers decoration services should the couple need them. Hindu weddings are characterized with many flowers and artwork. The artwork may include drawings and paintings. The women can also choose beautiful valances to put on walls and windows. The flowers and valances should be concentrated at the altar where exchanging vows will take place.

The hotel has ample parking for wedding guests. The security of the hotel ensures all the vehicles are safe. The hotel’s staff is enough to offer services for a wedding ceremony. The catering department will prepare meals and drinks in accordance to the couples’ instructions. At the time of the wedding, the waiters and waitresses serve the guests. Many types of food are available and if not, the catering department can prepare them on request. Hindus have diverse culinary arts therefore, the couple is required to confirm whether the caterers will provide the food required.

The theme colors are chosen by the bride and groom and they should be incorporated in the hall décor. The sitting arrangement is part of decorating the hall. It has to be well organized in a unique design. The design should have a clear view to the front for the guests to follow the wedding program. There should be no congestion and it can be avoided by choosing a design, which will leave ample spaces for people to pass. The altar should be higher than the ground for people to have a better view. It helps to catch the attention of all the guests.

A blessing is part of a Hindu wedding and it might last for several hours depending on the beliefs of the couple. It involves a Hindu priest who incorporates other rituals as well. The blessing should be done together with other activities of the ceremony. For example, some of the activities are calling upon Agni to attend the wedding. The couple makes seven steps where each step has a blessing. After the priest has made it official the couple is married, the blessing can be recited. It wishes the couple a good life together and their offsprings.

The blessing includes wishes like the couple to remain strong and assist each other in areas of weakness. People wish for the couple to have wealth and prosper through their lifetime. The couple is wished happiness, harmony, friendship forever, and a lovely family. An interesting thing about Hindu wedding is the aspect of divinity. When the couple is at the altar, they are considered as god and goddess. The bride is goddess of fortune and groom is god of preservation. It is an admirable observation where the bride and groom come together as they have a feeling of divinity.


A Hindu wedding has long proceedings and more requirements than a modern typical wedding. This is why it is essential for preparations to begin early. The venue should suitable for all the rituals and activities, which take place. Hindu weddings are done indoors therefore; the venue should not be in the open air. Further preparation involves dressing the bride and groom. The bride is the center of attention so she needs to be attractive. Hindu brides are dressed in beautiful dresses and veil. They wear many ornaments and use cosmetics for beauty enhancements. The groom dresses in fine clothes and some like holding flowers. Transportation to the venue and inviting guests should be pre-determined.

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